Political System of Kazakhstan

The Government of Kazakhstan exercises executive power, heads the system of executive bodies and provides guidance of their activities. The Head of the government is appointed by the President when the candidature of the premier has been approved by the majority of Parliament. Personal composition of the government is appointed by the President by the presentation of candidatures by premier.

Structure and composition of the government of Kazakhstan.

Prime-minister submits for a consideration to the President the structure of the government. The structure of the government is - the Prime-Minister, Vice Prime-Minister, 3 Prime-Minister deputies and 16 ministers.

Principal powers of the Government of Kazakhstan: elaboration and realization of principal tendencies of social economic state policy, defense potential of the country, security and guarantee of public order.
Submission for the Parliament's (Majilis) consideration the republican budget and its execution report, ensuring the execution of the republican budget.

Bring in a bill into Parliament, execution ensuring.

Guidance ministries, state committees, other central and local executive bodies activities.

Appointing to a post and dismissal the heads of central executive bodies that are out of government.

Termination of the powers of the Government of Kazakhstan. The government resigns its powers before a new elected Head of state. The government declares its go out to the President when Parliament (Majilis) passes the vote of no confidence. Also tenders the resignation on the initiative of the President and when Prime-Minister resigned.