Zaisan Lake

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Zaisan Lake. Kazakhstan nature

Zaisan lake is like a huge freshwater reservoir, full of fish and marine life. Its length is about 100 km, width 30 km, area exceeds 1800 square kilometers, with a depth of only 8 meters. When the stars come out at night, one can hear an ethereal sound, resembling the humming of wires. Owing to this peculiarity, the lake has another ancient name - "The lake of jingling bells" - Hut-Hutu-Nur. Due to the jingle, there exists a beautiful legend about this lake.

As recently as 100 years ago the territory was inhabited by herds of wild two-humped camels, Przevalsky's horses, koulans, djeiran, saigas, thousands of bustards, and tigers. Now more and more often bustards and other rare animals are returning to this place.

There are several interesting spots on the lake shore:

Zaisan Lake. Kazakhstan nature

Ashutas - picturesque shoreline with steep banks, composed of colored clays, similar to Kiin-Kerish. It is an ideal place for camping, with a nice beach. One can swim in Zaisan lake.

Akhsuat. Fishermens' village. It is a settlement with a unique architecture and a peculiar subculture of Kazakh fishermen may be glimpsed in this settlement. The population of the village is friendly, and visits to fishermens' families are possible.

Zaysan hollow

Zaysan hollow - the road to Kiin-Kirish.

Zaisan Hollow. Kazakhstan nature

Driving farther through the southwestern part of Zaysan hollow on a poorly asphalted road, we can observe the gradual transformation of landscapes, flora and fauna from mountain-steppe to desert. It is typical for this area to be inhabited by various species of larks (Alaudidae) and shrikes (Laniidae). Large numbers of gopher (Spermophilus erithrogenus) live here, which in turn attracts many predators such as: steppe eagles (Aquila rapax), foxes (Vulpes vulpes), and wolves (Canis lupus).

Huge deserted Zaisan hollow is located in the southeast, at the bottom of which sits ancient lake Zaisan, whose name translates as "Duke". Zaisan hollow is a unique natural feature with wonderful animal and vegetable life. Mirages of scorching desert, quicksand, saxaul and baby's breath. Kazakh auls (local settlements) with centuries-old way of life and old mazars (tombs) - graveyards for Kazakh clan elders...