Georgia Wine Tours

Georgia Wine Tours

Winemaking is nothing short of a perfected art in Georgia, an art as essential to the nation’s heritage as the numerous cathedrals and Caucasus peaks that dominate its landscape. Indeed, wine flows through the entirety of Georgian culture, from the generous spread of traditional supra feasts to the elaborate toasts of weddings and holidays, from the monasteries that double as wineries to the Rtveli grape harvest festival celebrated each year.

Georgia Wine Tours are a celebration of Georgia’s beloved winemaking traditions which center around the land’s numerous vineyards, astonishing variety of grapes and time-honored qvevri method of wine production. Each of our Georgia Wine Tours involves visits to local family wineries, wine-tasting sessions and opportunities to learn traditional wine-making processes, as well as guided tours of local monasteries, cathedrals, castles and museums.

Kakheti Wine Day Tour Kakheti Wine Day Tour
1 Day | March-November | Tbilisi, Telavi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi
The Kakheti Wine Day Tour is an appreciation of elegance and tradition. Enjoy lunch and wine tasting at the Shumi Georgian Winery and Museum, visit the Chavchavadze House Museum and gardens in Tsinandal, appreciate the religious significance of Bodbe Monastery Complex in Sighnaghi and explore Telavi, the quaint capital of Kakhete Region.

Georgia Wine Tasting Tour Georgia Wine Tasting Tour
2 Days | March-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Mukhrani, Igoeti, Ambrolauri, Kaspi
The Georgia Wine Tasting Tour will carry you through the sacred reverence of Mtskheta and the timeless family wineries of Igoeti, Ambrolauri and Kaspi for two incredible days of relaxation and wine tasting at its finest.

Eastern Georgia Wine Tour Eastern Georgia Wine Tour
3 Days | March-October | Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, Gurjaani, Tsinandali, Kvareli, Napareuli, Telavi, Ikalto
The Eastern Georgia Wine Tour is a three day getaway to the winemaking capital of Georgia for wine tasting, castle and monastery discoveries, museum visits and winery tours. Come prepared to enjoy rich local flavors, heighten your appreciation for Georgian history and be refreshed in the peaceful environs of Kakheti’s vineyards and valleys.