Georgia Adventure Tours

Georgia Adventure Tours

Wander through cave tunnels in the heart of the earth. Stand triumphant atop the dizzying peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Sail down the river through picture-perfect canyons. Venture over a narrow suspension bridge that spans canyon gulfs. Discover mountain villages that are home to some of the most ancient and mysterious people in the land.

Georgia Adventure Tours will guide you off the beaten path into some of the country’s most unusual, remote and picturesque destinations, each of which provides a glimpse of Georgia from a unique angle. Thrilling and unforgettable, each excursion is infused with an appreciation of nature, a love of exploration and an embracing of life to the fullest.

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Martvili, Okatse and Prometheus Adventure Tour Martvili, Okatse and Prometheus Adventure Tour
1 Day | March-October | Martvili Canyon, Martvili Monastery, Okatse Canyon, Kinchkha Waterfall, Prometheus Cave
Get ready for thrilling discoveries on the Martvili, Okatse and Prometheus Adventure Tour! Boat rides and bridges at Martvili Canyon and the otherworldly aura of Prometheus Cave will stun and impress, while a trek across the foot bridge of Okatse Canyon will leave you wondering if you’ve stepped into an Indiana Jones movie.

Rafting Tour in Kutaisi Rafting Tour in Kutaisi
1 Day | May-September | Rioni River
The Rafting Tour in Kutaisi is your chance to feel the pulse of adventure-loving Georgia. Soak in the refreshing waters and beautiful landscapes as you float past Kutaisi and its surrounding hills on your rafting excursion. Afterward, indulge in a delicious Georgian meal and wine tasting as you recount your experience over lunch together.

Birtvisi Canyon Hiking Tour from Tbilisi Birtvisi Canyon Hiking Tour
1 Day | May-September | Trialeti Planned National Park, Birtvisi Canyon, Birtvisi Fortress, Amlevi Church
Birtvisi Canyon Hiking Tour invites you to leave civilization behind on a daylong escapade through the picturesque Trialeti Planned National Park. Your guided tour will take you to the clandestine Birtvisi Fortress, where history mingles with nature to tell a uniquely Georgian story filled with legend and beauty.

Ushguli and Mestia Hiking Tour in Svaneti Ushguli and Mestia Hiking Tour from Kutaisi
3 Days | April-September | Zagari Pass, Ushguli Architectural Complex and Ethnographic Museum, Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, Chalaadi Glacier, Enguri Dam, Dadiani Palace
On the Ushguli and Mestia Hiking Tour, find repose at Zagari Pass and Chalaadi Glacier as you hike the Caucasus and discover the unique Svan settlements of Ushguli and Mestia. Overnight in mountain villages and visit churches and museums on this 3-day hiking tour in Svaneti.