Sairam-Ugamskiy State National Park

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The picturesque glacier lakes and high mountain valleys of the Ugamskiy range, along with its passes and glaciers, make an ideal base for many scenic tourist routes.

Sairam-Ugamskiy State National Park. Kazakhstan nature

Having covered 70 km from Shymkent by highway, you find yourself in the Sayram-Su canyon of the Ugamskiy ridge. With beautiful Archa and birch forests, mountain rivers and springs, and good roads for traveling. The road ends at the entrance to Sayram-Su camp, located in a big field, near the river. There is a splendid view of mountain summits and Sayram Peak (4238m), the highest point in the Shymkent region.

Trekking through the high mountain valleys and canyons of the Western Tien-Shan along Southern part of the Aksu Zhabagly Nature Reserve, you will enjoy the rare nature and varied vegetation and wildlife of our region.

The area has something for everyone. Untouched nature rarely visited by people, but accessible by horse. The region's best summits: Kizil-bush (4200m), Druzhba (4100m), and Sayramskiy (4238m) for mountain climbers; for lovers of history, the ancient monuments and sites of the Great Silk Road and earlier burial mounds.

Sairam-Ugamskiy State National Park. Kazakhstan nature

Kaskasu, Ugam

This beautiful village, set in the impressive Ugam Range, offered homestay accommodation for the first time in the summer of 2005. It quickly became popular for the warmth of its welcome and a relaxing atmosphere. Be bold and try the unknown. Enjoy the varied flora and fauna of the area.

Visit lakes, waterfalls and gorges.

Bask in the summer sunshine, or, if you are feeling energetic, hike in the hills.

Relish the tranquility of village life, with little traffic and noise. See traditional handicrafts. The region is noted for its skilled craftsmen and artists.

Watch traditional Kazakh games (mostly on horseback) and listen to traditional music.

Sairam-Ugamskiy State National Park. Kazakhstan nature

Visit historical sites in the region: mausoleums, burial mounds and churches. (The impressive mausoleum in Turkestan is Kazakhstan's most important Muslim pilgrimage site and is about 2.5 hours away. Trips can be arranged from the village).

Kaskasu is easily accessible by overnight train from Almaty. Leaving at 17.19 and arriving at 8.30 the next morning, a taxi can be arranged to take you to your home stay. Alternatively, there are buses available. A visit to Kaskasu could be combined with a trip to Zhabagly.

Or, if Turkestan whets your appetite, why not combine it with a visit to Samarkand. Taxis are available in Shymkent to take you to the Uzbek border, 120 km away. Then it is only about a half hour trip to Tashkent. (Visas will be needed for visits to Uzbekhistan, so check with the embassy in your country).

Community Based Ecotourism

Sairam-Ugamskiy State National Park. Kazakhstan nature

By choosing this destination or any other offered by the Ecotourism Information Resource Center you will be playing an important part in supporting these special places.

What makes these trips different is that all the services are operated by and benefit local people.

You will have the pleasure of meeting the people who call these beautiful places "home", and the satisfaction of knowing that the money you spend is staying in the area - providing much-needed income to the families you meet and protecting the environment you explore.

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