Turkmenistan Group Tours

Turkmenistan Group Tours

If Turkmenistan’s wild deserts and mysterious past have piqued your interest yet you feel apprehensive to travel on your own, Turkmenistan Group Tours are just the answer! Travelers who have gone before you attest to the many benefits of taking one of our small group tours to Turkmenistan:

  • Safe and Hassle-Free: Turkmenistan, more than any other Central Asian nation, remains a hard-to-access and often underdeveloped country where few people speak English (or other foreign languages) and some local residents may still be hesitant to interact with you. By traveling in a group, you can feel secure and experience a more stress-free vacation.
  • Fixed Departure Dates: We set no minimum number of participants for group tours, so when you sign up for one, we guarantee that it will leave on the specified departure date regardless of how many others will be joining you.
  • Cost-Efficient Option: Turkmenistan can be a surprisingly expensive country to visit, yet our group tours offer all the perks of a guided, organized tour while keeping expenses to a minimum.
  • Well-Structured and Relaxed: If you think that these two can’t go hand-in-hand, join our group tours and find out! We’ve designed each tour around must-see highlights and authentic experiences, with a schedule that will maximize your time in-country without leaving you feeling tired or frenzied.
  • Fun Friendships: Let’s be honest, how many people are you going to meet at home who share your fascination with obscure desert countries? On a Turkmenistan Group Tour, however, you can connect with kindred spirits eager to share in your memories of a lifetime.

Check out all of our Turkmenistan Group Tours below or contact us at (email) for more information.  

Central Asia Small Group Tour 2024-2025 Central Asia Small Group Tour 2024-2025
from US$ 3,500 | Single supplement US$ 500
16 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
An amazing, action-packed route in the heart of Asia! In just 16 days, you will see the greatest historical monuments and unforgettable natural beauty of 5 countries! Along with this, you will get acquainted with the unique Asian cultures of peoples who once were farmers, highlanders, and nomads.

Two-day Darvaza Gas Crater Group Tour from Khiva 2024-2025 Darvaza Gas Crater Group Tour from Khiva 2024-2025
US$ 500 | Single supplement US$ 20
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza Gas Crater
Turkmenistan’s ‘Gates of Hell’, a.k.a. the Darvaza Gas Craters, is one of Central Asia’s rarest sites, and this burning natural gas reservoir leaves an unforgettable impression upon all who see their flames in the lonely Karakum Desert. The Darvaza Overnight Tour will take you to the very mouth of the ‘Door to Hell’ itself and give you a hands-on glimpse into the historical backdrop of Kunya-Urgench, all with the help of a knowledgeable guide and experienced drivers.