Turkmenistan City Tours

Turkmenistan City Tours

Turkmenistan, far more than a land of desert, camels and mausoleums, is home to 6 million people who live in some of the most fascinating cities and villages of Central Asia, thanks in part to the country’s isolationist policies and the grandiose inclinations of its leaders. Cities of Turkmenistan range from the deserted archaeological sites of Merv and Kunga-Urgench to flashy Ashgabat, from the mountain village of Nokhur that appears frozen in the distant past to the sleepy mid-size town of Mary. As diverse as Turkmenistan cities are, each one is worthy of recognition and exploration.

Turkmenistan City Tours are informative, in-depth day tours to a variety of towns and villages in Turkmenistan that are sure to enrich your traveling experience. These tours are a fun, flexible option for anyone in transit through Turkmenistan and exploring the country independently, and include well-planned itineraries, a private guide to offer detailed explanations of the sites, and pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.

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Merv City Tour Merv City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum, Kyz Kala, Askhab Mausoleum, Erk Kala, Gyaur Kala, etc.
Ancient Merv, which once held a place of prominence along the Great Silk Road and was one of the largest cities in the world in the 12th-13th centuries, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site with layers of enduring city walls, fortresses, mausoleums and ancient dwellings. The Merv City Tour will unearth these stories as you travel to this hard-to-access site with a private driver and professional local guide, who will relate detailed historical information, popular legends and ongoing discoveries with you as you tour the area together.

Ashgabat City Tour Ashgabat City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Old Nisa, Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque, Arch of Neutrality, Independence Park etc.
The Ashgabat City Tour is the perfect way to explore Turkmenistan’s capital, known for such unforgettable sites as the Arch of Neutrality, Gulistan Bazaar, Old Nissa and Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque. This tour affords you the convenience of seeing the city’s diverse highlights without having to arrange your own transportation or worry with communication barriers, as your experienced local guide will provide a unique perspective on each location’s history and answer all of your questions along the way.

Kunya-Urgench City Tour Kunya-Urgench City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Kunya-Urgench
The Kunya-Urgench City Tour provides a great opportunity to explore this ancient town and necropolis, which stands as a vital and tangible piece of Turkmenistan’s history. This day tour includes pick-up and drop-off from nearby Dashoguz and a private guide to explain the history and significance of each site that you’ll encounter.