Ashgabat National Museum of History

The National Museum of History contains major treasures discovered in every part of the country. The most interesting exhibitions are represented by the archeology and ethnography departments. The archeological collection contains very rare works of art from ancient times to the middle ages which have been found on the territory of Turkmenistan. About 500,000 individual items are displayed in this huge museum.

It boasts a full collection of Turkmenistan's most significant architectural finds from the 20th century; a large number of ancient Turkmen carpets and rugs; examples of national dress and fabrics; traditional household equipment; musical instruments; weapons; jewelry; medals, historical documents, horn-shaped vessels made of ivory, statuettes of Parthian goddesses and Rodoguna, a colorful Buddhist vase representing life and death…

Its unique collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures includes not only Turkmen fine arts but masterpieces of some Russian and Western European artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The collection includes early paintings, water-colors and icons among its exhibits.

Moreover, the museum reveals the variety of Turkmenistan's landscapes: its flora and fauna, fossils and rare geological finds.

Museum closed on Tuesdays.

Ashgabat National Museum of History