Kunya-Urgench City Tour

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Turkmenistan’s northern frontier may have been destined for forlorn anonymity had it not been for Kunya-Urgench, former capital of the Khorezm region of the Achaemenid Empire, whose archeological accomplishments have endured to this day. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical significance, preserved in such structures as the Kutlug Timur Minaret, Sayid Ahmed Mausoleum and Kyrk Molla Hill, Kunya-Urgench provides a rare glimpse into this medieval kingdom.
The Kunya-Urgench City Tour provides a great opportunity to explore this ancient town and necropolis, which stands as a vital and tangible piece of Turkmenistan’s history. This day tour includes pick-up and drop-off from nearby Dashoguz and a private guide to explain the history and significance of each site that you’ll encounter.

Tour Itinerary:

In the morning your driver and local guide will meet you at hotel reception in Dashoguz for a drive to Kunya-Urgench, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (120km, 1hr 30min). Arrive to Kunya-Urgench to begin exploration of the region:

  • Visit the Tyurabek-Khanym Mausoleum (14th century), burial site of a Mongolian princess and the Sayid Ahmed Mausoleum (14th century), a leader of the Golden Horde.
  • Discover the Kutlug Timur Minaret (11th-13th centuries), which at 62m (203ft) is the tallest minaret in Central Asia.
  • Travel to the 12th-century Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum of Khorezmshakh.
  • Explore Kyrk Molla Hill (Forty Mullahs Hill), a fortress covering three hectares that includes the famous Mamun Library (8th-9th centuries) and an ancient cemetery believed to hold present-day healing powers.
  • Walk through the Fakhreddin Razi Mausoleum (a.k.a. mausoleum of Arslan II, 12th-13th centuries), one of the oldest, most unique structures in all of Central Asia.
  • Drive to the Mausoleum of Najmaddin Kubra (12th century), the founder of the Sufi order Kubrawiya and a favorite pilgrimage site for visiting Muslims.
  • View the Sultan Ali Mausoleum (16th century), a half-completed structure intended for a powerful Turkmen ruler but left unfinished due to ongoing war.

Drive back to Dashoguz for drop-off at the hotel. End of Kunya-Urgench City Tour.

Tour duration: approximately 6 hours

Price includes:

  • Private, local guide;
  • Entrance fees to the sights as per itinerary;
  • Transport throughout the tour (1-2 sedan, 3-8 minivan).


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