Boating in Kazakhstan :: Kazakhstan boating tourism. Pictures of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan boating tourism. Pictures of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in Kazakhstan

Rafting in Kazakhstan

Presently, boating is one of the most democratic and popular types of active recreaton all over the world. Everybody can travel on rivers regardless of age, gender, nationality or religion. The only condition is you must choose your route in accordance with your abilities, experience and level of training.

All rivers are different!

Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in Kazakhstan

So, we are on the way to Almaty Region, along the blue roads of the Semirechie. Semirechie, or Zhetysu, is a huge region in the southeast of Kazakhstan, which is located between Lake Balkhash and the Tyan-Shan Mountains. There are more than seven rivers in this area, all of which belong to the basin of Lake Balkhash. Some of the most popular among vacationers are:

  • The deep Ili River, with a calm, quiet flow, on which mass tourist rafting is carried out annually;
  • Charyn flowing in a deep, beautiful canyon;
  • Koksu, carrying the light-blue pure waters from the Jungar Alatau foothills;
  • Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in KazakhstanKaratal, flowing through the desert and bordered by a green strip of tugay woods;
  • Chilik, rough and capricious, cut through the high mountain ridges of the Zhaile Alatau;
  • Lepsy, Tentek, Bien, Aksu and many others awaiting pioneers.

Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in Kazakhstan

Let us get more closely acquainted with the main water tourist routes. But first, a few words about equipment, without which you cannot do anything regarding rafting.

Floating is definitely the main method
Modern watercraft are divided into several different categories, each of which corresponds to a forthcoming route.

As the practice of the last decades has shown, the most popular and universal are 2-3 seat folding frame kayaks. They are mobile and steady; per day even an inexperienced crew is able to do 30-40 km on them.

Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in Kazakhstan

The kayak is able to carry enough cargo for a 10-day - independent trip. Today, the assortment of kayaks available is very large.

Rafting is very popular

In the 50s an American firm began to make rafts for commercial rafting, which differed from usual rubber boats in their application of strengthened gummed fabric, cylinders which were pumped up under high pressure, giving rafts the necessary rigidity and bouyancy, and allowing the raft to shed superfluous water. Rafts are most often used in commercial rafting, as they have high reliability, which allows them to survive the mistakes of an inexperienced crew. However, rafts have very low maneuverability and speed.

Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in Kazakhstan

Catamarans structurally consist of 2-3 longitudinal gondolas of durable gummed fabric, with an internal inflatable cylinder and aluminum skeleton. 2, 4, 6 and even 8 seat catamarans are in production. They have high stability and maneuverability. A skilled crew can overcome any limits on sport catamarans. Catamarans are generally used for sport campaigns, for conquest of the most dangerous and interesting routes.

Single kayaks have become popular all over the world in the last few years. Kayaks, made from polythene, are the craft of choice for masters of water acrobatics. On these, they plunge from high waterfalls, overcome the most difficult rapids and create their own personal rodeo, where a sportsman can do every possible maneuver in a powerful river rapid.

Kazakhstan rafting. Boating in Kazakhstan And in the conclusion of this review of floating it is necessary to mention the old, trusty homemade raft. On such rafts, consisting of wooden flooring with inflated auto tubes underneath, thousands of travelers have enjoyed water adventures, becoming addicted to its romantic nature.

To the list of obligatory equipment of the aquatic adventurer belong a life jacket, helmet and wetsuit for cold water. Currently it is very simple to find standard tourist equipment: a tent, sleeping bag, clothes etc.

The above-mentioned description of routes, rivers and their characteristics is recommended for use only as a reference. Depending on your experience and opportunities, it is possible to easily find a suitable route, and equate distance, duration, and means of arrival and departure.