Kazakhstan Classic Tours

Kazakhstan Classic Tours

Kazakhstan, far more than unbroken steppe with tales of a nomadic past, offers visitors glimpses into ancient civilizations, modern architectural wonders and diverse, refreshing nature getaways scattered in almost every corner of its boundless territory.

Kazakhstan Classic Tours integrate visits to a wide array of landmark destinations, creating unforgettable tours to culturally significant sites and national parks. Be it Astana’s iconic Bayterek Tower, Almaty region’s impressive Charyn Canyon or Otrar’s historically significant archeological site, Kazakhstan Classic Tours will inform and impress with their variety and relevance.

Best of Kazakhstan Tour Best of Kazakhstan Tour
6 Days | March-October | Almaty, Turkestan (Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum), Otrar, Shymkent, Astana
The Best of Kazakhstan Tour is a blend of city excursions, ancient discoveries and cultural encounters that takes you from Almaty’s mountain ranges to Astana’s high-rise buildings, with extended stopovers in historic Turkestan, Otrar and Shymkent along the way. Whether riding the overnight train alongside local families, shopping at the lively Green Bazaar or touring an underground mosque with its own story to tell, you’ll be experiencing the best of Kazakhstan all along the way.

Highlights of Kazakhstan Tour Kazakhstan Highlights Tour
5 Days | April-October | Almaty, Astana, Burabay National Park, Charyn Canyon
On the Kazakhstan Highlights Tour, you’ll get the best of both worlds as you alternate fun and informative tours of Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan’s two largest cities, with day trips to two of the most beloved national parks in the country, Charyn Canyon and Burabay National Park. Included in this tour is a flight from Nur-Sultan to Almaty and a private guide and driver for each day tour.

Kazakhstan Short Tour Kazakhstan Short Tour
3 Days | All year round | Panfilov Park, Green Bazaar, Bayterek Tower, Khan-Shatyr etc.
The Kazakhstan Short Tour is a well-planned excursion to two of the country’s largest and most acclaimed destinations, Almaty and Astana. Acquaint yourself with the key cultural, historical and religious landmarks in both cities, including Panfilov Park, Green Bazaar, Bayterek Tower, Khan-Shatyr Shopping Center, Hazrat Sultan Mosque, and more. Included in this tour is a flight from Almaty to Astana and private guides and drivers in both cities.

UNESCO Sites in Kazakhstan Tour UNESCO Sites in Kazakhstan Tour
6 Days | March-October | Almaty, Tamgaly, Shymkent, Otrar, Turkestan, Sayram
UNESCO Sites in Kazakhstan Tour includes visits to the Tian Shan Mountains, Tamgaly Petroglyphs and Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Turkestan, all UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites.