Mangystau Adventure 2 Days Tour

Kyzylkup, Bozzhyra

This concise tour in Mangistau caters to those short on time but eager to witness the region's highlights! The Bozzhyra tract stands as Mangistau's most magnificent natural wonder. You'll be awestruck by the immense cliffs and whimsically shaped rocks, sculpted by water and wind over millennia, alongside mountains rising to 100 meters, all visible from three spectacular viewpoints. The experience includes a night camping at the base of one of these rocks, where you'll enjoy a breathtaking sunset and a star-filled sky featuring the Milky Way.

The tour also takes you to the nearby Kyzylkup tract and Bokty Mountain. Kyzylkup is a captivating formation of red and white layered hills, earning the playful nickname 'Tiramisu' for its striking colors and stratification. Here, you'll have the opportunity to wander among the hills and capture a plethora of stunning photographs.

Highlights of Mangystau - Western Kazakhstan:

  • Bozzhyra National Park offers the opportunity to explore the Fangs Formation, a well-known viewpoint within the park that showcases remarkable geological features. Allow yourself to be entranced by the Dragon Crest, a geological formation that bears resemblance to a dragon's crest or a majestic ship's bow. Lastly, get ready to be astounded by Mars Panorama, where the landscapes transport you to another world, leaving you in awe.
  • Kyzylkup invites you to be awestruck by the enthralling beauty of Tiramisu Canyon, where the striking dark brown and white-striped rock formations compose a mesmerizing spectacle.
Start your adventure tour in the morning, pick-up from your hotel or airport in Aktau. Get ready for an exciting two-day journey, on the way lunch. Our first destination is the awe-inspiring Tiramisu Canyon in Kyzylkup. This natural marvel exhibits stunning dark brown and white striped patterns, resembling a gigantic Tiramisu cake. Take your time to immerse yourself in its beauty and explore for 1-2 hours. Following that, we'll proceed with a short drive to Bokty mount, a remarkable and distinct landscape.

Continuing our expedition, we'll arrive at the Bozzhyra - Mars Panorama, an otherworldly terrain that mirrors the surface of another planet. Next on the itinerary is the Bozzhyra Dragon Crest, an extraordinary mountain formation resembling both a dragon's crest and a colossal ship. It truly is unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Making our way to the top side of the National Park, we'll descend from the peak and head to the campsite, which offers an awe-inspiring view of the magnificent walls of the National Park. After a dinner, you can take the opportunity to marvel at the breathtaking sight of billions of stars illuminating the night sky.

Meals: lunch, dinner.
Accommodation: camping in a tent.

Wake up early in the morning to witness a mesmerizing sunrise. After a delicious breakfast, we will begin our journey to the final viewpoint of the National Park, the Bozzhyra fangs formation. Climb to top and it will lead us to a magnificent panoramic lookout. Take your time to capture the breathtaking views and snap some memorable photos. Once we have descended, we will drive to Zhanaozen city for a delightful lunch at a local café. In the late afternoon, we will return to Aktau and drop you off at either your hotel or the Aktau airport.

Meals: breakfast, lunch.
Accommodation: none.

Download the PDF brochure for the Mangystau Adventure 2 Days Tour.

Good to know: No special equipment or fitness level required for this tour! Just make sure to bring hiking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing (sun hat, sunglasses, sun cream for hot weather; jacket, windbreaker, or raincoat for cold or rainy weather, long-sleeve shirts and pants to shield against the sun and potential insects) and towel, toothbrush, toothpaste. Get ready for an amazing adventure!

  • Accommodation - camping in a tent 1 night (tent, mat, sleeping bag, bedsheet, and pillow);
  • Transportation throughout the tour;
  • English speaking local guide;
  • Entrance and eco-fees;
  • Meal as per the program (2 lunches, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner).
  • International flight tickets before and after the tour;
  • Accommodation in Aktau;
  • Meals not indicated in the program;
  • Personal travel insurance;
  • Tips are not included (driver, guide, porter);
  • All other charges and services not mentioned under “Inclusions”.

Book Mangystau Adventure Two Days Tour with OREXCA. Experience the thrill of Mangystau on our exciting two-day adventure tour! Dive into the heart of this captivating region as you explore its natural wonders, uncover its rich history, and immerse yourself in its unique culture.

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