Kazakhstan Day Tours

Kazakhstan Day Tours

Kazakhstan Day Tours provide a convenient and flexible alternative to navigating unfamiliar cities on your own, particularly in an area where taxis can be prone to overcharge tourists and accessing attractions outside city limits can prove to be a challenge without a private vehicle. Our day tours have been designed to maximize your time, introduce you to the most beloved sites in and around Kazakhstan’s major cities and provide a range of activities for a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Kazakhstan Day Tours are ideal for many types of travelers:

  • People with extended layovers in Almaty or Astana;
  • Independent backpackers and hikers who wish to see the cities but may be limited on time and budget;
  • Anyone traveling on a Central Asia group tour who wishes to tack on an extra day or two;
  • Those traveling for business who wish to experience more of Kazakhstan while in town.

Kazakhstan Day Tours include city tours as well as full-day nature excursions to the surrounding vicinities. Read on to find the tour that’s best for you!

Almaty Full-Day City Tour Almaty Full-Day City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Panfilov Park, Zenkov Cathedral, Republic Square, Medeo, Kok-Tobe Hill etc.
The Almaty Full-Day City Tour is a fun, convenient way to experience the best of both Almaty proper and the mountain attractions that lie on the city’s edges. Tour the Central State Museum at Republic Square and Zenkov Cathedral in Panfilov Park before continuing to the lively Green Bazaar and Almaty Metro. Take a breather from city life to visit the highest skating rink in the world, relax at Kok-Tobe’s mini mountain amusement park and ride the cable cars that will transport you between towering mountains and bustling metropolis.

Almaty Half-Day City Tour Almaty Half-Day City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Panfilov Park, Zenkov Cathedral, Republic Square etc.
The Almaty Half-Day City Tour is perfect for anyone who finds themselves with a long layover in Almaty or passing through on their way to Charyn Canyon or Kyrgyzstan. This short tour is filled with Almaty’s must-see attractions: shopping at the famed Green Bazaar, touring modern Almaty Central Mosque and traditional Zenkov Cathedral, admiring the monuments in Panfilov Park and Republic Square and tracing the history of Kazakhstan at the Central State Museum before speeding underground on the Almaty Metro.

Big Almaty Lake Day Tour Big Almaty Lake Day Tour
1 Day | from mid-March to October | Nur-Mubarak Mosque, Egyptian University of Islamic Culture, Big Almaty Lake, Sunkar Falcon Farm
The Big Almaty Lake Day Tour is a relaxing excursion to one of Kazakhstan’s most beloved lakes. Your guide and driver will take you to Big Almaty Lake, a pool of pristine emerald waters nestled in Big Almaty Gorge of the Tian Shan Mountains. After a short hike and picnic lunch, learn about the region’s fauna during a tour and presentation at a nearby falcon farm, sure to fill you with admiration of these amazing birds that have been central to Kazakh culture for centuries.

Astana City Tour Astana City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Independence Square, Hazrat Sultan Mosque, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Bayterek Tower, Khan-Shatyr
The Astana City Tour is a professional sightseeing trip around Kazakhstan’s capital city. The tour includes a visit to the 21st century Hazrat Sultan Mosque and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, built to reflect the world’s major religions. Stroll through Independence Square, Nurzhol Boulevard and Round Square before visits to the iconic Bayterek Tower and Khan-Shatyr, without which no tour of Astana would be complete.

Burabay National Park Day Tour (from Astana) Burabay National Park Day Tour (from Astana)
1 Day | April-October | Burabay National Park (Borovoe), including Ablai Khan Meadow, Khan’s Pass, Mount Bolektau
Burabay National Park Day Tour is a relaxing full-day excursion to Kazakhstan’s pearl of nature that will astound your senses and revitalize your spirit. The tour begins in capital city Astana, from which you’ll be chauffeured in a private vehicle to Burabay National Park to enjoy jaw-dropping scenery of Burabay Mountain and Lake Borovoe, short hikes to Ablai Khan Meadow and Mount Bolektau, and a picnic lunch in the calming environs of exquisite natural beauty.

Aktau City Tour Aktau City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Aktau
The Aktau City Tour introduces you to the history and unique vibe of this Caspian Sea town. Visit multiple sites near the city center, including the regional museum, Republic Square and monuments to Kashagan Kurzhimanuly and Taras Shevchenko, Kazakh and Russian poets who greatly impacted the city. The tour will also take you to the docks and seaport for memorable views of the Caspian Sea.

Turkestan and Otrar Day Tour (from Shymkent) Turkestan and Otrar Day Tour (from Shymkent)
1 Day | All year round | Turkestan, Otrar, Khoja Ahmad Yasawi Mausoleum, Arystan Bab Mausoleum
Travel back in time on The Turkestan and Otrar Day Tour to southern Kazakhstan’s greatest sites. Visit Arystan Bab Mausoleum and the ruins of Otrar, once a key Silk Road trading center, before continuing to the Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum Turkestan, the most revered site in Kazakhstan today. The tour includes a private guide, driver and transportation to and from Shymkent.

Shymkent and Sayram Day Tour Shymkent and Sayram Day Tour
1 Day | All year round | Shymkent, Sayram
On the Shymkent and Sayram Day Tour you’ll create pottery and play local instruments at an ethnographic museum in Shymkent, walk down the World War II Memory Alley and learn about Stalinist oppression at a museum for political repression. The tour continues in nearby Sayram, one of the oldest towns in Kazakhstan whose mausoleums are famous historical landmarks and pilgrimage sites.