Climbing the peaks of Kazakhstan

Mountaineering in Kazakhstan

Mountaineering in KazakhstanCurrently, mountaineering is one of the most popular forms of extreme sport in the world. The Republic of Kazakhstan has unique mountaineering resources, among which are the Northern Tien Shan mountains, located in Almaty Region. Another name for this place is Zhetysu or Semirechie, meaning "Land of Seven Rivers", and it drains into Lake Balkhash. Zhetysu is Kazakhstan's pearl, a beautiful and unique place. Striking secrets are held here, where the routes and historic fates of many tribes and nations crossed in the distant past...

Climbing Talgar Peak (5017m)
11 Days | Almaty, Medeo, Issyk Lake, Jarasai river, Akkol Lake, Korzhenevskogo glacier, Gorina glacier, Eden glade, Kokbulak pass
Climbing of Talgar peak (H-5017). The scheme climbing on the Talgar peak. The program climbing on the Talgar peak.
Climbing the Marble Wall (6400m). Central Tien Shan
3 Days | Almaty, Chilik village, Kegen village, Tekes village, Karatogan village, frontier post "Bayankol", Bayankol river, Keksentas River, Zharkulak gorge, Zharkulak gorge, Sarykoinou River, Zharkulak gorge, Keskentas River, Bayankol River
Climbing of Marble Wall (H-6400). The program climbing on the Marble Wall