Kyzylkup Tract and Bokty Mountain, Mangystau

Kyzylkup Tract and Bokty Mountain, Mangystau

Kyzylkup tract and Bokty Mountain stand out among the many sights of Mangystau due to their vibrant colors. The bright red and white layers on the hills and mountain create a unique landscape. Locals call these layered chalky rocks, rich in iron in some places, "Tiramisu" because they resemble the famous Italian dessert.

Once, a lake named Kyzylkup, meaning "a lot of red" in Kazakh, occupied this red and white corner of Mangystau. Now dried up, these areas resemble Martian landscapes. Millions of years ago, the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean was here, with iron sediments periodically settling to create red layers in the rock. As Tethys disappeared, erosion over 40 million years shaped the hills into their current twisted forms.

Bokty Mountain, although not part of the Kyzylkup tract, shares these characteristic layers and is located just 7 km south. Standing 165 meters tall, it is surrounded by a gray clay plain. Bokty Mountain is a symbol of Kazakhstan, even depicted on the 1000 tenge bill.

Kyzylkup tract and Bokty Mountain are especially beautiful during the golden hours at sunrise and sunset, making them ideal for souvenir photos. You can climb the mountain and walk along the Tiramisu hills, but bring trekking shoes to avoid slipping on the loose ground. Also, ensure sun protection with sunglasses, a hat, and a flask of water.

Kyzylkup tract is 250 km from Aktau, and the famous Bozzhyra tract is only 20 km away.