Camel and horse riding tours to Kazakhstan

Camel riding in the Taukum desert, rafting on the Ili river and trekking in the Altai mountains

Geographical location. Taukum Desert, situated on the southwest banks of Lake Balkhash, along the Kurti river and along the left bank of the Ili river. The area of the Taukum desert is 8300 sq. km, its length is 200 km and width is 60 km. Saksaul, dguzgun, githyak, polin, and many other plants grow in the Taukum desert. The Ili river flows through China and Kazakhstan. This river originates in the eastern Chinese Tien Shan (its sources are the Tekes and Kunges rivers), and flows into Balkhash lake ...

Equestrian trip to the Kayraksky waterfall through Oyjaylau (KWO-5)
5 Days | Almaty, Turgen Gorge, Assi plateau, Observatory , Oyjaylau, Donjaylau, Kayraksky waterfall, Medvejy waterfall
Equestrian trip to the Kayraksky waterfall through Oyjaylau. Tour to Kazakhstan. Horse riding tours to Kazakhstan.