Kamenniy Gorod

About Stone rocks Kamenniy Gorod. Kazakhstan Nature

Kamenniy GorodThe stone formations of "Kamenniy Gorod" surpass the plains.

Kamenniy GorodThe main attraction of the West Altai reserve is "Kamenny Gorod" - a town of granite rocks taking fantastic forms ("a tower", "a head", "dragons", "feathers", "mushrooms"). It is situated 90km to the east of Ridder City along the motorway, and from there requires 36 km travel on foot or horseback.

The height of the rocks reaches 35 meters, and the total area of "Kamenny Gorod" is 32 square km. Not far from here is the beautiful Cedar Lake.

Kamenniy GorodGeomorphologically the natural monument is of great interest, as on the small territory there is a great number of various relief shapes, atmogenic relief shapes, mountain tundra bogs, river vales, etc. The natural monument's territory is considered to be a sample of unspoiled nature and a landscape with a special recreational potential.

Vegetation of the nature monument includes 3 zones: mountain taiga, subalpine and alpine meadows, and mountain tundra. Plant species of these zones are described in the section "West Altai Reserve".