Tajikistan City Tours and Excursions

Tajikistan City Tours and Excursions

Tajikistan is a land overflowing with charm, culture and indescribably beauty, attracting everyone from backpackers to historical connoisseurs, adventure seekers to curious learners of Central Asian culture. While Tajikistan welcomes tourists and has greatly simplified its visa regulations, planning excursions in-country still presents challenges for many independent travelers due to language barriers, transportation difficulties and a lack of information provided in English.

OrexCA has stepped into this gap by providing a range of 1-2-day Tajikistan city tours and excursions that can be easily accommodated into each traveler’s individual scheduling needs. These mini tours come complete with a local guide knowledgeable in English* and in the region’s history, as well as private transportation throughout the full duration of the tour. Developed based on previous travelers’ experiences and recommendations, these guided trips include the very best that each city and region has to offer, ensuring that you’ll experience all the highlights without the hassle of organizing it on your own.

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*In some cases tours can also be arranged in other languages, including German and French.

Dushanbe City Tour Dushanbe City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Hissar Fortress, Kukhna Madrasah, Khistin Caravanserai, National Museum of Tajikistan etc.
The Dushanbe City Tour is a guided, private tour to the key sights of the Dushanbe region, including a drive to the Hissar Historical Reserve and a tour of Dushanbe’s most popular parks, monuments, theaters and museums, where you’ll learn firsthand about Dushanbe past and present. Wander through Rudaki Park, admire the Ayni Opera and Ballet Theater, visit the Haji Yaqub Mosque and tour the National Museum of Tajikistan, which houses one of the largest statues of Buddha in the world.

Day Tour to Istaravshan from Dushanbe Day Tour to Istaravshan from Dushanbe
1 Day | All year round | Istaravshan Bazaar, Hazrat Shah Architectural Complex, Mug Teppe
The Istaravshan Day Tour begins with an exhilarating drive from Dushanbe through the Anzob Pass before continuing in Istaravashan, where you can sample the city’s famous fruits at the bazaar, enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city from Mug Teppe and learn about one of the city’s most important historical figures at Hazrat Shah Architectural Complex. The tour includes drop-off in Khujand upon completion, making it a great option for travelers planning an onward trip to Uzbekistan.

Khujand City Tour Khujand City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Khujand Fortress, Historical Museum of Sughd, Mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin Khujandi, Payshanba Bazaar, Somoni Park
Khujand may be a name unfamiliar to many, yet it’s one of Central Asia’s oldest cities, having weathered more than 2,500 years of change that saw conquest by Alexander the Great, the reign of Ismoil Somoni and the influx of travelers along the great Silk Road. The Khujand City Tour will wind through the Khujand Fortress, a citadel and museum at the heart of the city, and continue to a sheikh’s memorial complex, a central park with historical mosaics and one of the largest, most colorful bazaars in all Central Asia.

Ancient Penjikent and Sarazm Tour Ancient Penjikent and Sarazm Tour
1 Day | All year round | Penjikent, Sarazm
The Penjikent and Sarazm Day Tour is an eye-opening journey into the remains of Sarazm, counted among the world’s oldest cities, and Ancient Penjikent, once one of the most significant stops along the Great Silk Road. The tour will also include a guided walk through Rudaki Museum and the most significant sites of present-day Penjikent, ensuring that you’ll experience the best that Penjikent past and present has to offer.

Day Tour to Varzob Valley and Gusgarf Waterfall
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Varzob Valley, Gusgarf Waterfall
Varzob Valley and Gusgarf Waterfall Day Tour is a refreshing, full-day getaway to the quiet splendor of Varzob Valley to soak in the sunshine and admire the Hissar Range up close.

Trip to the Seven Lakes Seven Lakes Day Tour
1 Day | April-October | Seven Lakes, Fann Mountains
Dotting the landscape of the Fann Mountains in northwest Tajikistan are the Seven Lakes, natural pools of water that have collected from the Shing River and sit as high as 2300m above sea level. The Seven Lakes Day Tour takes you to each of the seven lakes and includes private transportation to and from Penjikent, stops at each of the seven lakes, a hike in the mountains, visit to a rural mountain village and a stopover at a historic and locally renowned mausoleum.

Day Trip to Iskanderkul Lake from Dushanbe Day Trip to Iskanderkul Lake from Dushanbe
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Iskanderkul Lake, Fann Mountains, Fann Niagara Waterfall
Iskanderkul Lake, otherwise known as Lake of Alexander the Great, is hidden in northern Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains and considered one of the most gorgeous lakes in the former Soviet Union. On the Iskanderkul Lake Day Tour you’ll cross the Anzob Pass to reach Iskanderkul Lake, where your body and soul will be rejuvenated as you swim, rest on the beach and hike to Fann Niagara Waterfall before returning to the capital by evening.