Dag's baths: Pro and contra

Dag's baths is a powerful national remedy of treatment and health resumption. In pantocrine obtained from deg during the hummel period, contains 18 amino acids from 22 known in the nature. Special popularity among tourists and locals use dag's baths which prepares of fresh deg's broth with throwing in herbs. Medics say that the real effect from taking of such baths can be felt after 8-10 procedures; basically it is the course of treatment. Also it is recommended to use such health promotion no more than once in three months. Doctors advise during the bath taking to listen to the sensations, to watch pulse and leaving a bath, dry body with a towel. Specific of dag's baths is that they comprise an extract from red deer's blood which is considered really healthful.

The general action which is rendered on an organism by this extract, is that:

  • raises the intellectual and physical efficiency after injured heavy traumas and surgical interventions, raises a vitality;
  • reduce ageing process;
  • advances the repair of a wound process;
  • moves an organism from a condition of chronic weariness and raises a vitality;
  • strengthens an organism - bones, muscles, teeth, sight and hearing;
  • strengthens will power and character;
  • so-called neuropeptides influence some forms of behavior of the person, on training and storing processes, regulate a dream, remove pain, positively influence to schizophrenia treatment.

However dag's baths are also means of traditional medicine, is it like a medicine, therefore, accepting it, it is necessary to remember about dosage and also about indications and contra-indications.

Indications to dag's baths taken:

  • Illnesses of cardiovascular system: hypertensive illness not above - 1ststage, an arterial hypotonia, venous insufficiency, varicose expansion of veins.
  • Illnesses of nervous system: usual neurosises, professional neurosises, vegeto-vascular dysfunctions.
  • Illnesses of musculoskeletal system: osteochondroses of a backbone, a consequence of fracture of bones of a body and limbs, rheumatoid arthritis in an inactive phase, conditions after the acute inflammatory phenomena of musculoskeletal system, not earlier than 11-12 days after trauma.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances: illnesses of a stomach and intestinal tract in stages of remission or a fading aggravation, functional intestinal tract upset.
  • Illnesses of respiratory system: no acute bronchitis, the period of restoration after acute respiratory disease (ARD), an easy and middle-heavy current of a bronchial asthma.
  • Illnesses of urogenital system dissociations connected with a climacteric condition, agenesia, women' uterine pathology; men' prostatitis in a stage of fading aggravation or remission at men.
  • Illnesses of a skin: psoriasis, dermititis, neurodermatitis, various forms of itch, weeping dermatitis not in aggravation stage.
  • Illnesses of system of blood and a chronic intoxication: syndrome of chronic weariness, professional poisonings with heavy metals, atomic diseaseof 1st, 2ndstages in stage of formation, regenerative process and stabilisation at the general satisfactory condition.

Contraindications to dag's baths taken:

  • acute inflammatory process or an aggravation of chronic disease and also epiphenomenon by pyogenic process;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • nonmalignant neoplasms with cancerism;
  • tuberculosis of lungs in an active phase at presence of cavernosity;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • acute fracture of bones with wandering bone fragments;
  • extensive injuries of skin integuments to a place of carrying out of procedures;
  • acute intraarticular injuries;
  • condition after the acute pneumonia of hypertensive illness of 3rd stage;
  • presence of the aggravated allergic diseases, individual intolerance.