Tbilisi Tours

Tbilisi is famous today as the vibrant, tourist-friendly capital of Georgia. Yet it is also a city of enormous bravery and devotion, having endured numerous hardships since the 5th century to emerge the victorious, independent and genuinely likeable city that it is today.

Tbilisi Tours celebrate this eclectic city with a variety of day trips and multi-day excursions that include a tour of the capital, where ancient bastions such as Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church and Tbilisi Sulfur Baths combine with the modern attractions of Rike Park, cable car rides and chic Jan Shardeni Street to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Thanks to its convenient location and status as capital, Tbilisi likewise provides the perfect launching point for onward travels into Georgia.

Scroll down to learn more about our Tbilisi Tours, the perfect place to begin your Georgia travels!

One-day Tour to Bolnisi and Dmanisi from Tbilisi Bolnisi and Dmanisi Tour
1 Day | March-October | Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral, Tsughrughasheni Church, Dmanisi Archaeological Site
Bolnisi and Dmanisi Tour is a step back in time to Georgia’s earliest foundations. Wander Dmanisi Archaeological Site, admire the medieval structure of Tsughrughasheni Church and marvel at Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral, Georgia’s oldest church which is also engraved with the earliest samples of Georgian writings.
Birtvisi Canyon Hiking Tour from Tbilisi Birtvisi Canyon Hiking Tour
1 Day | May-September | Trialeti Planned National Park, Birtvisi Canyon, Birtvisi Fortress, Amlevi Church
Birtvisi Canyon Hiking Tour invites you to leave civilization behind on a daylong escapade through the picturesque Trialeti Planned National Park. Your guided tour will take you to the clandestine Birtvisi Fortress, where history mingles with nature to tell a uniquely Georgian story filled with legend and beauty.
Tbilisi City Tour Tbilisi City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Holy Trinity Cathedral, Freedom Square, Metekhi Church, Rike Park, Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi cable cars, Narikala Fortress, Old Tbilisi and etc.
On the Tbilisi City Tour you’ll fly through the air in a cable car, dig into history in Old Tbilisi, relax near Legvtakhevi Waterfall and cross bridges that literally and figuratively span Tbilisi old and new. From Narikala Fortress to Sioni Cathedral to Metekhi Church, Tbilisi City Tour will capture your imagination and deepen your appreciation of Georgia’s capital city.
Old Tbilisi Walking Tour Old Tbilisi Walking Tour
1 Day | All year round | Metekhi Church, Rike Park, cable cars, Narikala Fortress, Tbilisi Old Town (Juma Mosque, Abanotubani Sulfur Baths), Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskhati Basilica Church, Bridge of Peace
Old Tbilisi Walking Tour introduces you to the heart of Georgia’s fanciful capital, a labyrinth of architectural delights and narrow winding streets. Wander the past with guided walks through Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church, Sioni Cathedral and more.
Kakheti Wine Day Tour Kakheti Wine Day Tour
1 Day | March-November | Tbilisi, Telavi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi
The Kakheti Wine Day Tour is an appreciation of elegance and tradition. Enjoy lunch and wine tasting at the Shumi Georgian Winery and Museum, visit the Chavchavadze House Museum and gardens in Tsinandal, appreciate the religious significance of Bodbe Monastery Complex in Sighnaghi and explore Telavi, the quaint capital of Kakhete Region.
David Gareja Monastery Complex Tour from Tbilisi David Gareja Monastery Complex Tour
1 Day | April-May, August-September | David Gareja Monastery, Lavra Cave Monastery, Udabno Monastery
The David Gareja Monastery Complex Tour is active historical exploration at its finest. Leave the bustling streets of Tbilisi for Georgia’s arid border region to hike narrow trails alongside monks, clamber through rock-hewn classrooms and discover medieval cave paintings in one of the most unique monasteries on earth.
Kazbegi and Ananuri Day Tour (from Tbilisi) Kazbegi and Ananuri Day Tour
1 Day | March-October | Ananuri Castle Complex, People’s Friendship Arch, Mount Kazbek, Gergeti Holy Trinity Church, Jvari Monastery
The Kazbegi and Ananuri Day Tour is a full-day expedition from Tbilisi to Georgian castles, mountains, monasteries and legends galore. Explore Jvari Monastery, one of Georgia’s oldest religious centers, and the medieval Ananuri Castle Complex. Stand awestruck at the views of Mount Kazbek from two of Georgia’s iconic symbols, People’s Friendship Arch and Gergeti Holy Trinity Church, as you create memories to last a lifetime.
Tbilisi and Mtskheta 2-Day Tour Tbilisi and Mtskheta 2-Day Tour
2 Days | March-November | Holy Trinity Cathedral, Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church, vari Orthodox Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, National Opera Theater, Kashveti Church, funicular cars etc.
Tbilisi and Mtskheta 2-Day Tour combines the best of Georgia old and new. Travel Tbilisi by funicular, cable car, foot and private vehicle from famed historic places such as Narikala Fortress and Holy Trinity Cathedral to the cultural landmarks of Jan Shardeni Street and the Georgian National Opera Theater, in addition to guided tours of nearby Mtskheta’s three UNESCO World Heritage sites. ​​​​​​​
Georgia Wine Tasting Tour Georgia Wine Tasting Tour
2 Days | March-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Mukhrani, Igoeti, Ambrolauri, Kaspi
The Georgia Wine Tasting Tour will carry you through the sacred reverence of Mtskheta and the timeless family wineries of Igoeti, Ambrolauri and Kaspi for two incredible days of relaxation and wine tasting at its finest.
Georgia Ski Tour (from Tbilisi) Georgia Ski Tour
3 Days | December-March | Mtskheta, Borjomi, Bakuriani
The Georgia Ski Tour is a burst of adrenaline in the heart of the Caucasus. Travel through Georgian history on your way to the winter paradise of Bakuriani Ski Resort, where you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the finest slopes in the country to ski, snowboard, explore nature and create memories to last a lifetime.
Georgia Classic Tour Georgia Classic Tour
4 Days | April-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kazbegi (Stepantsminda), Gori
Georgia Classic Tour is a cultural smorgasbord of fortresses, churches, museums, mountain getaways and ancient settlements. From resplendent Kazbegi to the surreal Uplistsikhe Cave Town to the diverse cities of Gori, Mtskheta and Tbilisi, each destination provides another unique glimpse of this glorious land.
Best of Georgia Tour Best of Georgia Tour
5 Days | April-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Mukhrani, Telavi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi
The Best of Georgia Tour winds through cobblestoned Old Tbilisi, saintly Mtskheta, wine-loving Mukhrani, charming Telavi, cultural Tsinandali, historic Sighnaghi and the whimsical, one-of-a-kind David Gareja Monastery as it acquaints you with the very best of eastern Georgia through private, guided tours.
Georgia Budget Tour Georgia Budget Tour
5 Days | All year round | Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi
On the Georgia Budget Tour you’ll travel by train to three of Georgia’s most beloved cities – capital city Tbilisi, coastal resort town Batumi and mythical Kutaisi – where you can fill your time with independent city exploration or pre-arranged day trips that provide a more guided experience.
Georgia New Year Tour Georgia New Year Tour
5 Days | New Year | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Telavi, Sighnaghi, Tsinandali
On the Georgia New Year Tour, spend several days in festive Tbilisi as you celebrate the New Year in the wintry capital. Continue your trip with tours to monasteries, cathedrals, wineries and museum estates in Georgia’s scenic Kakheti Region.
Explore Georgia Tour Explore Georgia Tour
6 Days | April-October | Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Borjomi, Gori, Tbilisi
Explore Georgia Tour is a grand introduction to the country’s finest cities, caverns, parks and medieval marvels. City tours of Kutaisi, Gori and Tbilisi are interspersed with several outdoor adventures and excursions to notable historical sites including Jvari Orthodox Monastery, Rabati Castle and Uplistsikhe Cave Town.
Winter Skiing Tour to Georgia Winter Skiing Tour to Georgia
7 Days | December-March | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Gudauri, Borjomi, Bakuriani
Winter Skiing Tour to Georgia is the perfect way to infuse those dreary midwinter days with anticipation and unrivaled beauty. This weeklong escape begins with guided tours of Tbilisi and Mtskheta, followed by days of skiing, socializing and sporting activities at Georgia’s renowned Gudauri and Bakuriani Ski Resorts.
Georgia Train Tour Georgia Train Tour
7 Days | April-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gori, Kutaisi, Chiatura, Batumi
On the Georgia Train Tour, you’ll experience this magical land as you travel cross-country by train between Georgia’s largest cities. In between, your journey will be flavored with guided tours to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cable car rides, meditative respite at Katskhi Pillar and outdoor escapades through canyons, caverns and cave towns.
Silk Road in Georgia Tour Silk Road in Georgia Tour
7 Days | March-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kutaisi, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Telavi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi
Silk Road in Georgia Tour is a remarkable historical journey which traces the country’s formation through some of the most exquisite landmarks of Eurasia. Visit the cathedrals of Tbilisi, monasteries of Mtskheta, wineries of Telavi and archaeological site in Dmanisi as you travel to 10 different cities and numerous remote sites to discover all that historical Georgia has to offer.
UNESCO Sites in Georgia Tour UNESCO Sites in Georgia Tour
8 Days | April-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gori, Kutaisi, Ushguli, Mestia, Zugdidi
The UNESCO Sites in Georgia Tour will transport you to ancient worlds of wonder as you tour UNESCO cathedrals in Mtskheta, Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi, Ushguli Village in Upper Svaneti Region, Uplistsikhe Cave Town and numerous cities on this weeklong journey.
Georgian Wine and Mountains Tour Georgian Wine and Mountains Tour
10 Days | April-October | Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, Tsinandali, Telavi, Stepantsminda, Gori, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Batumi
Georgian Wine and Mountains Tour is a 10-day, comprehensive trip filled with a tantalizing blend of exquisite nature, hands-on history, fine wines, outdoor adventures and city expeditions.
Culture and Nature of Georgia Tour Culture and Nature of Georgia Tour
12 Days | April-October | Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Telavi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi, Gori, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi etc.
The Culture and Nature of Georgia Tour is an extensive 12-day tour of the Caucasus through remote glaciers and ancient cave towns, exquisite botanical gardens and glorious canyons, unique ethnographic villages and castles and monasteries of old.