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Shymkent and Sayram Day Tour
1 Day | All year round | Shymkent, Sayram
On the Shymkent and Sayram Day Tour you’ll create pottery and play local instruments at an ethnographic museum in Shymkent, walk down the World War II Memory Alley and learn about Stalinist oppression at a museum for political repression. The tour continues in nearby Sayram, one of the oldest towns in Kazakhstan whose mausoleums are famous historical landmarks and pilgrimage sites.
Best of Kazakhstan Tour Best of Kazakhstan Tour
6 Days | March-October | Almaty, Turkestan (Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum), Otrar, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan
The Best of Kazakhstan Tour is a blend of city excursions, ancient discoveries and cultural encounters that takes you from Almaty’s mountain ranges to Nur-Sultan’s high-rise buildings, with extended stopovers in historic Turkestan, Otrar and Shymkent along the way. Whether riding the overnight train alongside local families, shopping at the lively Green Bazaar or touring an underground mosque with its own story to tell, you’ll be experiencing the best of Kazakhstan all along the way.
UNESCO Sites in Kazakhstan Tour UNESCO Sites in Kazakhstan Tour
6 Days | March-October | Almaty, Tamgaly, Shymkent, Otrar, Turkestan, Sayram
UNESCO Sites in Kazakhstan Tour includes visits to the Tian Shan Mountains, Tamgaly Petroglyphs and Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Turkestan, all UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites.