Armenia Adventure Tours

Armenia Adventure Tours

Behind the placid churches and somber scholastic centers that dot its countryside, Armenia hides an undeniable adventurous streak. Its mountain slopes were simply made for downhill snowboarding, daring hikes, horseback tours, off-roading expeditions and exhilarating zip lines sure to satiate thrill-seeking travelers.

Armenia Adventure Tours will take you flying down the mountainside at Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort, exploring castles and hidden mountain crevices in Ararat Region or riding horseback at Urtsadzor Eco Center. Let loose on our adventure park tour as you paraglide over valleys, fly free on the zip line, try your hand at a challenging ropes course or take mountain hiking to the extreme.

Come seize the day with us on Armenia Adventure Tours, where soaring mountains and daring exploits combine to give you a vacation that will stay with you forever!

Armenia Zip Line Tour Armenia Zip Line Tour
1 Day | May-September | Yenokavan
Armenia Zip Line Tour will take your love of adventure, mountains and travel to whole new heights! Take an exhilarating zip line tour above lush forests, rocky cliffs and a winding river, a flight sure to leave you with a rush of adrenaline and lasting impressions.

Armenia Ski Tour Armenia Ski Tour
2 Days | mid-December through end of February | Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort, Kecharis Monastery
Let Armenia Ski Tour transfer you to a calming resort town engulfed in fresh forest air and alpine scenery. Spend two days skiing or snowboarding at Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort, exploring Kecharis Monastery and wandering the spa town on a getaway sure to bring much-needed relaxation.