Turkmenistan Safari Tours

Exclusive program in Turkmenistan by OrexCA.com

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You to the exiting off-road safari tour in Turkmenistan, there historical and natural attractions are astonishingly allotted to the vast territory, which is equal to size of the Great Britain or Italy and where the roads often getting lost in the sands and pass to just directions. The nature and the history as if especially created this marvelous land for off-roading and Safari.

Undoubtedly the best vehicle for travelling in this environment is a car, which allows to a tourist see such secluded corners of the country, where earlier were sent only geological and ethnological expeditions. Please note that the tour will be done on the vehicle with superior rough terrain performance and particular salon comfort, on real American Chevrolet Suburban.

So the synthesis of wild, untouched nature and wrecks of ancient monuments along with living traditions of the local nation will create a particular atmosphere of a journey and discovery.

During the tour you will see a volcano in the heart of the Karakum desert - the "Gas crater" soil fault with burning flame of natural gas.

You will send a night at the lost in the steppes pilgrims shelter near the mausoleum of Kemal Ata, where the winds blowing up the bones from the ancient graves. You feel the excitement from the catching view on the Yangi Suv canyons which remind known from the childhood landscapes of the Wild West.

On the way will enjoy the real meaning of safari (safari on Swahili means hunt) by watching of rare birds and animals like griffins, eagles, mustangs, foxes and camels. Moreover the natural sceneries will alternate with wonderful artifacts of the past such as the Kutlug Temur minaret, which was the tallest building in Central Asia or with ruins of lost in the desert city Dehistan which damaged by war and time minarets and madrasah portal rising up from the sand.

All these plus charming views of the Caspian see you will be able to observe at the safari tour from OrexCA.com.