Discovery Turkmenistan tours

Discovery tours of Turkmenistan includes: Newly built mosque "Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi", which is the largest in Central Asia. Old Nissa - The Sanctuary of the Parthian Kings (Nissa is situated 15 km to the west of Ashgabat and was founded in the 3rd century B.C. Nissa was the capital of the Parthian Empire, which lasted for around 600 years and was the biggest competitor to the Roman Empire. Visit Margush Country (Gongur Depe - capital of Margush), Bronze Age civilization sites and the birthplace of Zoroastrianism. Visits to "Kyrk Gyz" Gorge and cave (mostly visited by pilgrims), Plateau of Dinosaurs...

Merv City Tour
1 Day | Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum, Kyz Kala, Askhab Mausoleum, Erk Kala, Gyaur Kala, etc.
Ancient Merv, which once held a place of prominence along the Great Silk Road and was one of the largest cities in the world in the 12th-13th centuries, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site with layers of enduring city walls, fortresses, mausoleums and ancient dwellings. The Merv City Tour will unearth these stories as you travel to this hard-to-access site with a private driver and professional local guide, who will relate detailed historical information, popular legends and ongoing discoveries with you as you tour the area together.
Ashgabat City Tour
1 Day | Old Nisa, Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque, Arch of Neutrality, Independence Park etc.
The Ashgabat City Tour is the perfect way to explore Turkmenistan’s capital, known for such unforgettable sites as the Arch of Neutrality, Gulistan Bazaar, Old Nissa and Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque. This tour affords you the convenience of seeing the city’s diverse highlights without having to arrange your own transportation or worry with communication barriers, as your experienced local guide will provide a unique perspective on each location’s history and answer all of your questions along the way.
Discover Turkmenistan
4 Days | Ashgabat, Merv, Mary
Our Discover Turkmenistan Tour will acquaint you with some of Turkmenistan’s key historical sites at Old Nisa, Merv and Mary without compromising on adequate time spent in Ashgabat to see its eccentric landmarks firsthand. As you visit one of the least-visited countries on earth, you’ll have accommodation in hotels each night and be accompanied on your city tours by a local guide eager to answer your questions along the way.
Yangykala Canyon Tour
2 Days | Turkmenbashi, Yangykala Canyon, Gozli Ata
Yangykala Canyon literally translates as “Fire Fortresses”, an apt description of this 24-kilometer stretch of beauty in northwest Turkmenistan that’s been dubbed the “Grand Canyon of Central Asia”. The Yangykala Canyon Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime excursion to these remote cliffs that includes transportation to the canyon on remote roads by an experienced driver, camping among its rocky heights and a visit the next day to the azure shores of the Caspian Sea.
Best of Turkmenistan
5 Days | Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Darvaza Gas Crater, Kunya-Urgench
The Best of Turkmenistan Tour delivers precisely what it promises, an adventure-packed trek into Turkmenistan’s most acclaimed and must-see locales. Perfect for travelers passing through on a transit visa or tourists who wish to combine Turkmenistan with onward travels into wider Central Asia, it combines trips to Mary, Merv, Ashgabat, Darvaza and Kunya-Urgench with personalized tours of each destination and well-organized transport for an unforgettable, 5-day experience of this desert land.
Merv, Margush and Gonur Depe
2 Days | Merv, Margush, Gonur Depe
The Merv, Margush and Gonur Depe Tour is two days of archaeological exploration at Merv and Gonur Depe in Margush. This tour is a great option for history buffs and amateur explorers alike, and is unique in that it begins both days from the city of Mary, from which you can quickly reach both excavation sites with a private guide and a driver experienced on the roads of outback Turkmenistan.
Turkmenistan Highlights Tour
7 Days | Ashgabat, Darvaza, Kunya Urgench, Merv
The Turkmenistan Highlights Tour is a carefully crafted trip based on the favorite experiences and recommended routes of past travelers, with guided excursions to Ashgabat, Merv, Kunya-Urgench and Darwaza Gas Crater in the Karakum Desert. This tour also includes special stops at the Anau and Abiverd ruins, historically significant cities visited by very few tourists, and extra free time in the capital city for the rare opportunity to explore Turkmenistan independently.
Ancient cities of Turkmenistan
6 Days | Ashgabat, Merv, Kunya Urgench, Darvaza Gas Crater
The Ancient Cities of Turkmenistan Tour is an intriguing glimpse into the ancient and modern history of this nation, a 6-day journey through its key historical sites that will educate and fascinate visitors. Roam the ancient cities of Merv, Old Nisa and Kunya-Urgench; visit a nomadic village where traditions have been passed down for centuries; see the development of the nation in futuristic Ashgabat; and camp out at the famed Darvaza Gas Crater, surrounded by the same desert sands that have weathered the rise and fall of civilizations for millennia.
Explore Turkmenistan Tour
8 Days | Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Gonur Tepe, Darvaza, Turkmenbashi, Yangykala
Explore Turkmenistan Tour is the ultimate escapade across this peculiar nation, an adventurous blend of history, culture, nature and beachside resort. This travel package includes tours of Turkmenistan’s most popular destinations – Ashgabat, Merv and Darvaza – plus a trip out west to swim in the Caspian Sea, wander through Yangykala Canyon, visit an underground lake, experience small-town Turkmenistan and drive through the rugged Kopet Dag Mountains.
Marble City and Desert Tour
4 Days | Ashgabat, Darvaza, Kunya Urgench
The Marble City and Desert Tour will lead you through Turkmenistan’s most contrasting sights: start in marble-coated Ashgabat in the south before driving through no-man’s land to the Darvaza Gas Crater, finishing with a tour of the ruins of Kunya-Urgench in Turkmenistan’s northernmost city. This tour package includes an unforgettable campout in the desert, airport pickup in Ashgabat and transportation to the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border near Kunya-Urgench.
Silk Road in Turkmenistan Tour
4 Days | Ashgabat, Mary, Merv
Turkmenistan was once host to some of the greatest destinations along the Great Silk Road, and on the Silk Road in Turkmenistan Tour you’ll retrace the steps of countless merchants and explorers who passed through Turkmenistan’s barren lands in days of old. Explore Ashgabat to experience firsthand how the city has developed through the centuries; wander among the ruins of Nisa, capital of the mighty Parthian Empire; and allow the somber stillness of Merv’s expansive ruins to transport your imagination to its days of Silk Road splendor.
Day trip to Nokhur Village and Kow Ata Cave
1 Day |
The Underground Cave and Village Day Trip is a journey to several of Turkmenistan’s truly unique cultural destinations, a daylong trek that’s as enlightening as it is diverse. Dip your feet in the Kow Ata underground lake before continuing to the mountain villages of Nokhur to catch a glimpse of their secluded ways of life. Along the way you’ll also see a popular mosque and the training ground of the Akhalteke horses, the pride of the Turkmen nation. Anyone privileged to visit Turkmenistan will not want to miss this extraordinary experience.
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT315-05
5 Days | BGP Farab, Turkmenabat, Mary, Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Koneurgench
Discovery Turkmenistan tours. Travel itinerary: BGP Farab - Turkmenabat - Mary - Ashgabat - Dashoguz - Koneurgench - Dashoguz BGP Tours to Turkmenistan.
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT316-05
5 Days | Dashoguz, Ashgabat, Mary, Margush, Ashgabat
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT316-05. Travel itinerary: BGP Dashoguz-Ashgabat-Mary-Margush-Ashgabat BGP.
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT317-05
5 Days | Kunya Urgench, Dashoguz, Ashgabat, Mary, Margush
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT317-05. Tours to Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan travel. The list of best tours in Turkmenistan. Spend you holidays in Turkmenistan and choose you best Turkmenistan tour package below! Travel to Turkmenistan with
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT318-05
5 Days | Farab, Turkmenabat, Mary, Margush, Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Kunya-Urgench
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT318-05. Travel itinerary: BGP Farab - Turkmenabat - Mary - Margush - Ashgabat - Dashoguz - Kunya Urgench BGP.
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT319-11
11 Days | Ashgabat, Nokhur, Dekhistan, Turkmenbashy, Derweze, Kunya Urgench, Dashoguz, Mary, Margush
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT319-11. Travel itinerary: Ashgabat - Nokhur - Dekhistan - Turkmenbashy - Ashgabat - Derweze - Kunya Urgench - Dashoguz - Ashgabat - Mary - Margush - Ashgabat.
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT320-08
8 Days | Ashgabat, Geokdepe, Kow Ata, Ashgabat, Mary, Turkmenabat, Farab
Discovery Turkmenistan tour DT320-08. Travel itinerary: Ashgabat - Geokdepe - Kow Ata - Ashgabat - Mary - Turkmenabat - Farab. Tours to Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan travel. The list of best tours in Turkmenistan. Spend you holidays in Turkmenistan and choose you best Turkmenistan tour package below! Travel to Turkmenistan with