The most northern 7,000 m peak on our planet is Pobeda (7,439 m). The gigantic wall of the peak rises above Zvezdochka glacier at 3,000 and fills the space between the passes of Chon-Teren (5,488 m) and Dikiy (5,200 m) - more than 10 km. The whole massif is a huge snow-ice wall, whose lone crest rises above 7,439 m Severe weather conditions, low temperatures, and high precipitation allow a comparison of climbing on Pobeda with ascents of Himalayan giants. The most complicated routes ascend the northern wall to the eastern side of Pobeda. We offer the ascent of the most popular route from Dikiy pass (5,200 m) across Vazha Pschavela peak (6,918 m)...

Mountaineering 3 :: Lenin Peak (7,134m)
22 Days | Osh, Lenin Peak, Achik-Tash (Base Camp) etc.
Lenin Peak (7,134m)
Mountaineering 4 :: Ala-Archa and Karakol regions
10 Days | Ala-Archa Gorge, Ak-Sai Glacier, North Tien-Shan mountain etc.
Ala-Archa Gorge, Kyrgyzstan
Mountaineering 5 :: Muztagh-Ata
20 Days | Torugart pass, Kashgar, Subash etc.
Muztagh - Ata
Mountaineering 6 :: Kokshaal-Too
1 Day | The western Kokshaal-Too, Kyzyl-Asker peak, peak Shmidta, Kryl'ja Sovetov peak etc.
Mountaineering 2 :: Khan-Tengri Peak (7,000m)
1 Day | Bishkek, Karakol, Chon-Ashu pass, Southern Inylchek glacier etc.
Khan-Tengri Peak (7,000m)