Silk Road Tours

The Great Silk Road, a complex artery of crudely marked highways through mysterious lands, was crucial in bridging the divide between East and West. For centuries colorful silk, fragrant spices and finely woven carpets were carried along these seemingly endless caravan roads through modern-day Central Asia and the Caucasus.

OrexCA’s Silk Road Tours will acquaint you with the countries through which this renowned trade route once weaved: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

Come face-to-face with history that spans millennia, still preserved today in the architectural masterpieces of Uzbekistan, the petroglyphs of Kazakhstan and the palaces and temples of Azerbaijan. 
Awe-inspiring scenery awaits you in every country, be it the mountains and lakes of Kyrgyzstan or the rolling desert sands of Turkmenistan.

Adventure abounds along the modern Silk Road – hiking, rafting, horseback riding, camping – and before you even seek it out, is sure to find you.

Culture is experienced in the yurt camps of long nomadic lands, the festive clothing and freshly cooked local cuisine, and in trips to local bazaars, where you can buy silk, spices and finely woven carpets like those first brought along this route thousands of years ago.

Come along on a Silk Road Tour and discover one or two countries in-depth, choose a larger area to explore or follow in the footsteps of the traders of old with a grand tour of the entire region!