Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tours

Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tours

Whitewater rafting down a remote mountain river. Horseback riding through picturesque valleys. Hiking across canyons whose untouched beauty will astound you. Overnighting in yurts in the Tian Shan Mountains, surrounded by shepherds and the echoes of ancient Kyrgyz nomads. Kyrgyzstan is packed with adventure, a still-mysterious land that awaits discovery by eager and curious travelers who are daring enough to step off the beaten path into its wild but welcoming grasp.

Let our Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tours plunge you into the heart of this endearing and exotic land that’s simply brimming with exhilarating opportunities to climb, swim, ride, trek, camp and explore its stunning landscapes. Tours range from day trips to weeklong expeditions and typically require average physical capabilities, with both novice trekkers and experienced athletes welcome. Each tour has also been built around a unique focus, with some offering a combination of physical activities and others a blend of historical and cultural experiences woven into the itinerary.

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Ala-Archa Canyon Day Trek Ala-Archa Canyon Day Trek
from US$ 60
1 Day | Spring, Summer, Autumn | Ala-Archa National Park
The Ala-Archa Canyon Day Trek will take you into the heart of Ala-Archa National Park in the Western Tian Shan Mountains, where you’ll spend the day hiking among its forests, picnicking in the fresh mountain air and admiring such attractions as Broken Heart boulder, Ak Sai Waterfall and Tepshi Plateau. This tour package allows you to choose the length and difficulty level of your hike, in addition to providing transportation to and from your Bishkek hotel.

Issyk Ata and Chunkurchak 2-Day Tour Issyk Ata and Chunkurchak 2-Day Tour
from US$ 300
2 Days | April-October | Issyk Ata Gorge, Chunkurchak Gorge
Follow a trekking route over northern Kyrgyzstan’s Tian Shan Mountains into a beautiful alpine valley and you’ll reach Issyk Ata Gorge, famed for its alpine waterfall and natural mineral hot springs. Valued for generations for their healing properties, today these hot springs are swirling in legends and dwarfed by a Soviet-era sanatorium that appears as frozen in time as the frosty landscape surrounding it. Nearby Chunkurchak Gorge, resplendently covered in forest belts and alpine meadows, provides time travel to a different era in the form of an ethno-yurt camp situated among the canyon’s silent ridges.

Two-day Horse-Riding Tour in Kyrgyzstan (from Bishkek) Horse Riding Tour from Bishkek
from US$ 210
2 Days | Summer | Burana Tower, Chon Kemin, Kegety Gorge and Lake
The Kyrgyzstan on Horseback Tour is a two-day equestrian expedition through Chon-Kemin Valley and Kegety Gorge, which are among the nation’s most popular destinations for horseback riding. You’ll spend hours passing through mountain meadows and untouched enclaves before arriving at the sapphire Kol-Tor Lake. Included in this unforgettable trek is a visit to Burana Tower, one of Kyrgyzstan’s most acclaimed landmarks, plus an overnight stay in a Kyrgyz mountain village and meals throughout the full duration of the tour.

Rafting Tour in Chon-Kemin Valley Rafting Tour in Chon-Kemin Valley
from US$ 155
1 Day | May-September | Chon-Kemin Valley, Chon-Kemin River, Chu River
The Rafting Tour in Chon-Kemin Valley is an exhilarating ride on a lively branch of the Chu River that runs through one Kyrgyzstan’s most scenic valleys. This tour package is a great choice for small groups of travelers looking for a fun alternative to traditional sightseeing and hiking – the perfect outlet for physical activity under the guidance of a skilled instructor, a chance to see Kyrgyzstan nature from a unique angle and to create special memories along the way.

Konorchek Canyon Day Hike. Tour from Bishkek Konorchek Canyon Day Hike from Bishkek
from US$ 80
1 Day | May - October | Boom Gorge, Eolian Castles
The Konorchek Canyon Day Hike is your ticket to an unforgettable expedition in the Grand Canyon of Kyrgyzstan. A guide will lead you through this seemingly endless ravine in the Tian Shan Mountains, famous for its red rock formations, a once trepidatious passageway known as the Gorge of Evil Spirits (Boom Gorge) and the Eolian Castles, cliffs that naturally resemble ruddy fortresses due to ages of soil and wind erosion.

Lake Tulpar-Kul and Lenin Peak Base Camp Tour Lake Tulpar-Kul and Lenin Peak Base Camp Tour
3 Days | 20 June-31 August | Lake Tulpar-Kul, Chyyrchyk Pass, Ak-Bosogo mountain village, Sunrise Pamir Yurt Camp, Lenin Peak Base Camp (Achik-Tash Base Camp)
Lake Tulpar-Kul and Lenin Peak Base Camp Tour is a three-day adventure of nomadic freedom across Kyrgyzstan’s Pamir-Alay Mountains. Cross mountain villages and Chyyrchyk Pass to Lake Tulpar-Kul in the Alay Valley, where you will overnight in yurts before trekking to Lenin Peak Base Camp.