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Bishkek, Shamsi gorge, Tamga village, Lake Issyk-Kul etc.
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14 Days

Kyrgyzstan, with its mountain rivers, is an excellent place for those who live for fishing. Our rivers are full of various species of fish, such as amudarya trout (salmo trutta oxianus kessler), osman (diptychus maculatus berg), and rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri rich). Whether you are a skillful fisherman or not, you will have an unforgettable fishing experience on the mountain rivers of the Tien Shan. Our firm can organize fishing tours on the following rivers of Kyrgyzstan.

Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. Excursion around the city.

Day 2. Transfer (120 km) to Shamsi gorge, situated in the Kyrgyz range. It is a very picturesque gorge, its slopes covered with lush forests. Fishing for rainbow trout in gorge. Night in tents.

Day 3. Fishing in the morning, transfer to Tamga village, on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. Accommodation in guesthouse.

Day 4. Rest in Tamga. Walk to Lake. Afternoon transfer (130 km) to Kochkorka village and further to the Ukek valley. Here are many fish, but of modest size. On request we can take a short hike (1.5-2 hours) to lake Kel-Ukek, which is situated on the upper reaches of the Ukek River.

Day 5. Fishing on the Ukek River.

Days 6, 7, 8. Transfer (70 km) to the upper reaches of the Eastern Seok River, which flows into the Seok gorge, situated to the South of Kochkorka village. People rarely visit this spot, and we will spend 2 days fishing here because of the huge abundance of big trout holes (fish up to 3-4 kg).

Days 9, 10, 11, 12. Fishing in the Kekemeren River. Transfer (160 km) along the Djumgal valley and over Kyzyl-Art pass to the Valley of the Kekemeren River. Nearby Min-Kush village, we establish our camp. Here begins the excellent fishing. at this location 3 types of fish are possible. Standard weight of fish is 1.5-2 kg. Every day we will travel up the Kokomeren River, eventually arriving in the Suusamyr valley (Day 12) and establish the last camp in the Valley of the Western Karakol River.

Day 13. Transfer from the Susamyr valley to Bishkek.

Day 14. Return home.

We hope you like the program and assure you that we are absolutely open to any suggestions to increase the range of our services for the entire satisfaction of our clients and are happy to meet your special requirements.

You can alter the duration of your tour and places of visits by adding one of the extensions. Our tour operator will work closely with you or your travel agent to carefully prepare an itinerary based on your stated interests.


The Red River

Duration: 1-2 days
Season: Spring, Autumn
One of most picturesque areas of unspoiled wild beauty in the Chui Valley, the Red River, is located 60km from Bishkek. The Red River originates as several springs located near Tokmak, and intricately winds among reeds and brush, with an infinite number of magnificent spots ideal for fishing. Rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Rich) is the predominant specie in the river, usually of 20 - 25 cm (8 - 10 inches) length or larger, and with a weight of 1-2 kg (2-4 pounds). The largest trout ever caught on the river was 7 kg (15 pounds).

Susamyr River

Duration: 2-3 days
Season: 15 April - 15 June
The Susamyr River is 80km long, originating in the Ala Bel Pass (3,184m) and proceeding down the Susamyr Valley in order to merge with the Western Karakol River to become the Kekemeren River. 
Diptychus maculatus Berg, its local name being Osman, is a predominant fish specie. It is a typical inhabitant of the Alpine rivers of the Tien-Shan. Osman only live in rivers above 1,500m. 
Osman eat algae and the larvae of water and flying insects. Its maximum size is 50cm, and weighs up to 3 kg.

Kekemeren River

Duration: 3-4 days
Season: April 15 - June 15
The Kekemeren River is formed by the confluence of the Susamyr and Western Karakol Rivers, and runs for 200km amid the valleys of the Inner Tien Shan, before flowing into the Naryn River. 
The most preferable time for fishing on the Kekemeren is spring, when the water level increases and intensive development of water insects' larvae occurs. The Caddisfly larvae, at the end of its water phase of development, is the basic food for all kinds of fish living in the river, as well as being the best bait at this time. Trout actively bites on spoon-bite or on fry. In autumn, trout also bites nicely on fry and spoon-bite, and Schizothorax, on grasshoppers.

Chon-Kemin River

Duration: 2 - 4 days
Season: March - September
The Chon-Kemin river is the main tributary of the Chu River. It is created from the meltwater of glaciers of the Kungey-Too and Zailiyskiy Altau Ranges, and flows between them for more than one hundred kilometers to the West. 
Amu-darya trout predominates in the Chon-Kemin River. Sometimes it is mixed with Issyk-Kul trout. The maximum weight of trout reaches 5 kilograms. There are a few very large (1 kg) representatives of Issyk-Kul trout and Chuy Osman.


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Kyrgyzstan with its mountain rivers is an excellent place for those who like fishing. Our rivers are full of deferent kind of fish, like amudarya trout (slmo trutta oxianus kessler), schizothorax intermedius McLelland, diptychus maculatus berg (osman), rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri rich). Neither you skillful fisherman or not, you will get unforgettable excitement of fishing in mountain rivers of Tien-Shan. Our firm can organize fishing tours on next rivers of Kyrgyzstan...

Fishing tours :: Tours to The Red River, Susamyr River, Kekemeren River, Chon-Kemin River
14 Days | Bishkek, Shamsi gorge, Tamga village, Lake Issyk-Kul etc.
Tours to Kyrgyzstan