Georgia regions

Adjara Adjara is the southernmost coastal region of Georgia, once part of the Kolkheti Kingdom, which had close relations with Ancient Greece and Rome. One can find remnants of these cultures in the monuments of Gonio and Petre. There, Roman legions invaded and ruled for a time. Adjara, today bordering Turkey, was occupied by the Turks, and then returned to Georgia 300 years later. Batumi, the major city of Adjara, is one of the loveliest in Georgia.

Adjara It was built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in a grand, elegant style, as a resort for the Russian Czars. There are fine classical buildings, designed and built by Italian and German architects, groves of palm trees, and exotic flowers; in short, it is the jewel of the Georgian Riviera. Batumi is a major port and resort city.

Batumi Boulevard, the main promenade, with fountains and cafes, attracts numerous holidaymakers with its greenery and central location. The Botanical Gardens, near Batumi, contain unique species of plants from various parts of the world. Adjarian resorts are known all over the world. Kobuleti is another delightful vacation spot of Adjara, where the sea, forest and abundant places for entertainment create the best conditions for holidaymakers. Kobuleti in the summertime is party, party, party!

Local dishes are represented by such delicacies as Adjarian Khachapuri, made from baked eggs and cheese, and Achma, a delightful layered cheese pie. Adjarian cooking should certainly be tasted, as it ismost unique and delicious.

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