Emir Hotel

142, Ok-Saroy Str., Samarkand

The Emir, a small private hotel, is situated in the ancient Makhalla, close to Gur Emir, the world-famous family mausoleum of the Timurids. Nearby are the Rukhabad Mausoleum and Ak-Saray Palace and the other historical monuments.

The rooms of the hotel are decorated in rich traditional oriental design. They are not large, but comfortable.

A wonderful view of the Gur Emir Mausoleum opens up from the windows and balconies of the hotel.

The guests have the opportunity not only to rest in the shade of vines and fruit trees but also have a fantastic meal. According to our guests' wishes, the owners can prepare dishes of Uzbek and European cuisine, vegetarian and special dietary food. It is the normal custom to have lunch or dinner with the family. The owner's family consists of 6 people, including the parents of the owner's wife.