The fortress of Nadir Shah, vicinity of Ashgabat

22 km to the south of the Kahka region sits the fortress of the great ruler, Nadir Shah.

The fortress was built on the orders of Nadir-Shah himself in the 18thcentury. It was built in rectangular form, with walls reaching one thousand meters in length and 3 m in height, and surrounded by a large moat.

There are 12 round openings in every corner of the wall which were once used for defense. The southern walls of this historical fortress were damaged by flooding; other walls, however, have survived.

On the northern corner of the fortress one can see a hill with a height of 10-20 m in diameter. The entire fortress and its surroundings can be seen from this hill.

The ruins of the palace lay in the inner part of the fortress. The fortress provides a beautiful view of the Kopet Dag Mountains.