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Ancient Penjikent and Sarazm Tour
1 Day | Penjikent, Sarazm
The Penjikent and Sarazm Day Tour is an eye-opening journey into the remains of Sarazm, counted among the world’s oldest cities, and Ancient Penjikent, once one of the most significant stops along the Great Silk Road. The tour will also include a guided walk through Rudaki Museum and the most significant sites of present-day Penjikent, ensuring that you’ll experience the best that Penjikent past and present has to offer.
Ancient Treasures of Tajikistan Tour
6 Days | Dushanbe - Istaravshan - Khujand - Penjikent - Iskanderkul
The Ancient Treasures of Tajikistan Tour is a special trip built around the country’s key UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites. You’ll travel through Dushanbe, seeing the notable Buddha statue housed in the National Museum, and continue to Istaravshan, Khujand and Penjikent, exploring each city’s historically significant sites. The trip also includes visits to Sarazm, the Hissar Fortress and Lake Iskanderkul, all of which are hailed for their cultural and historical value, with the added bonus of experiencing the Fann Mountains and Anzob Pass along the way.