Traditions of Kyrgyzstan

National traditions of Kyrgyzstan are an indispensable aspect of the culture, for through them the spiritual and moral values of the family are transmitted from one generation to the next. The traditions of Kyrgyzstan people are an interweaving of Islamic principles with ancient pagan cults and rituals.

In Kyrgyz society, the family was and remains a bastion of reliability and stability. The traditions of the past are honored as sacred and passed on to the younger generation.  Kyrgyzstan traditions continue to provide a sense of oneness to the Kyrgyz people, an affirmation that they are a part of a larger community and have the responsibility of respectfully continuing in the steps of their ancestors.

Kyrgyz Wedding Traditions

Of all the important events in the life of a Kyrgyz, the wedding is the most significant. Getting married in Kyrgyzstan involves a prolonged celebration, which culminates in the wedding ceremony yet continues even after the wedding is over. In Kyrgyzstan wedding traditions, elements of culture and religious belief are closely intertwined, as evidenced by the heavy influence of national customs and rites. Read more...

Kyrgyz Childbirth Traditions

Each culture has different customs and rituals to welcome the birth of a child, and Kyrgyzstan is no exception.
While a Kyrgyzstan wedding is a grand affair, many Kyrgyz women see childbirth as their primary purpose in life. To not give birth to children, particularly a son, is a source of great shame. Childbirth is their contribution to carrying on the family line and brings them recognition and honor in their community. In past times, it was not uncommon to have ten or more children in one family. Read more...

Kyrgyz Funeral Traditions 

Funeral traditions of Kyrgyzstan are not only a demonstration of the deep pain of loss, but also a way to show great respect for the deceased, a sorrowful yet important shade of the Kyrgyz peoples’ intricate and multi-faceted culture. Not surprisingly, Kyrgyz funeral traditions are complex ethnocultural rites in which ceremonies formed throughout successive historical eras are combined into a series of present-day customs. Read more...