Rachima’s guesthouse in Sentyab village Guest House

Rachima’s guesthouse in Sentyab village

Location: Nurata district of Navoi region

Owner: Gaybulla Zarifullaev

Description: In Rachima’s guesthouse there are two rooms designed for travelers. In the beautiful shady garden there are two tapchans and a small swimming-pool. This guesthouse is able to accommodate up to eight travelers concurrently. Outdoor shower and toilet are available. In Rachima’s guesthouse they produce handmade decorations for pillows and kurpachas (traditional analogue for European mattress). There is a spring with cold drinking water nearby the guesthouse. It’s important to mention that the most dishes offered in the guesthouses are prepared of products raised in the gardens and vegetable gardens of the guesthouses. Natural and local building materials were preferred during the construction of the guesthouses. Rachima’s guesthouse is a perfect starting point for different types of hikes; one of the intense tour routs is a hike to a small lake located on the top of the mountains. The charming beauty of the lake contrasting with snowy peaks of the Nuratau Mountains and green meadows will impress the visitors. Particularly during the spring and autumn this is a perfect place for camping. There is an opportunity to do a combination of horse or donkey riding and hiking. While hiking in this area travelers will get a chance to watch huge birds of prey, such as Golden Eagles, Eurasian Griffons or Lammergeyers. Among the other sights of this territory are ancient ruins, mosques, rock paintings, steep valleys, rivers with rapids and high mountains to be mentioned. Alternatively, in Sentyab you can just sit under a walnut tree, drink tea, read a book, write postcards and reflect on the impressions of your Uzbekistan journey.