Mutabar’s guesthouse Guest House

Sentyab village

Location: Nurata district of Navoi region
Owner: Shodiboi Boboev, Mutabar Boboeva

Description: This is a big guesthouse, which has four rooms designed for travelers. There are two tapchans in the yard of the house and one in its garden, where a mountain river flows. There is a verandah located on the first floor of the house. Here travelers can drink tee, coffee or other beverages and observe the life in the village. Mutabar’s guesthouse is able to accommodate up to fifteen travelers concurrently. Outdoor shower and toilet are available. The owners of this house have a photo album with all the beautiful places of the Nuratau region. This gives travelers a great opportunity to learn more about the Nuratau Mountain and perhaps even plan there further journey through the region. Mutabar’s guesthouse is equipped with a satellite antenna, so travelers will always have an opportunity to watch news or a football game of their favorite team on the TV set. In addition there is a small domestic museum designed as a yurt in the garden of the house. Various national artifacts are presented in the museum, for instance: crockery, linen, decorations, implements, coins etc. There is also a small bar furnished with national coloring. It’s important to mention that this guesthouse has been established independently by the Shodiboi Boboev. He works as a geography teacher at the primary school and has therefore a good knowledge of the area. He will show you the most interesting sights of Sentyab village with pleasure. In spite of the fact that average prices for staying in this guesthouse are higher then in the others, this house is in stable requisition among the travelers from the very beginning of its establishment.

Number of rooms: 4
House facilities: ParkingPhoneExcursionCabel TVShowerKitchen