International train

There are several transport companies that offer international train travel from Uzbekistan. Check the International trains timetable and learn more about this train below.

International train SV Compartment Platskart
Tashkent - Almaty 13:22 07:34+1 Tu Th Su
Tashkent - Shymkent 13:22 20:19 Tu Th Su
Tashkent - Moscow 19:05 11:15+3 Th

Please arrive 15 min before departure to allow sufficient time for boarding.

Often in these trains there are only two types of cars: a coupe with beds for 4 people and an open car with 54 beds per car. When traveling on such trains, it is recommended to have an ample supply of food and personal hygiene products, since the travel time usually takes several days.

Max speed: 100 km/h