Euro Asia Hotel

35, Pahlavon Mahmud str., Khiva

Euro Asia hotel has been built in august 2015 and started operating in September 2015.

The hotel is located inside the old town Ichan Kala which is known as a museum under the open air.

The hotel has 20 wide rooms: 17 twin and 3 single rooms. The design of all rooms and the bathrooms differs from each other.

Ten rooms are located in the ground floor, the others are on the second floor and the restaurant is in the basement floor.

Restaurant can serve 100 guests at the same time. You can enjoy European and local cuisine. Hotel also has European bar for 20 guests.

The hotel has satellite TV, free Wi-Fi zone, international telephone service and free intercom.

All the rooms have air conditioning, smart TV and mini bar.

Hotel organizes transfers from airport to Khiva, back and all other directions. The hotel also organizes trips to ancient cities of Khorezm Khan's "Tuproq Kala" and "Ayaz Kala".