home of Rosa Miralieva Guest House

Pask-Aul settlement

Chimgan is located 25 km (30-40 min by car) from the district center of Gazalkent, 30 km from the village of Charvak. The closest International and Domestic airport is in Tashkent, 100 km (2 hours' drive). It is possible to get to Chimgan from Gazalkent by taxi in 30 minutes. The route is accessible all year; with the exception of periods in spring, due to mudslides, and in winter due to avalanche danger. Mountains (peaks Small and Big Chimgan), valleys, waterfalls: Gulkam and Novotash, distance between the Charvak water reservoirs: 12 km.

Fishing is possible in the following rivers: Chimgan, Beldersay, Nurekata, Gulkamsay, Ishakkupriksay. The Black waterfall (height 40 m) at the base of peak Big Chimgan is an unforgettable sight. From the top of the mountains, you can view the Ugam, Pskem, and Karjantau Rivers.

This village was founded 500 years ago, and perhaps was settled by migrants from the southern part of Central Asia, who are believed to have been nomads. Some experts see Chinese influence in the name "Chimgan", but others interpret this name as "sod" or "pasture", abundant water, or green valley.

The house of Rosa Bazarbaevna is located on the edge of the village, in the settlement of Pask-Aul (lower Aul), in a hollow descending toward a mountain river. An old village cemetery is located not far from this place, built on steep slopes, twisted between giant walnut trees.

The house stands at the top of the hill, and below the house there is an apple orchard. Chimgan apples are famous for their excellent taste and ecological purity, and also for the fact that there are no apple parasites. These apples can be kept for a whole year without spoiling. Rosa offers you the opportunity of tasting these apples year round.

Rosa is a nurse by profession, though lately she left the medical practice and now occupies herself with housekeeping. Her husband is the head veterinary doctor of the district and mostly stays in the regional center Gazalkent, where they also have another house, though he periodically comes to Chimgan. The Miralievs have four children and two grand children who live in Gazalkent and Tasheknt, but who regularly visit their parents' house.

There are two spacious guest rooms in the house that can accommodate up to 10 people. The restroom and summer shower are in the courtyard. There is also a wash basin and separate refrigerator for guests. Rooms are decorated in traditional Kazakh style. The food is served on the floor, on a low table, while the guests are seated on soft mattresses called "kurpacha" (blankets). The family lives in the same house, and every guest room has an individual exit to the large heated veranda, decorated with home-grown flowers.

In the courtyard, under the crowns of walnut trees, and near the river next to a picturesque pond filled with fish, there are four "tapchans" (beds) for guests' relaxation. In the summer heat, it's particularly pleasant to listen to the sound of the river while resting in the shady place on a tapchan, under the crowns of walnut trees, and feel the light breeze. A spring bubbles over in the upper part of the courtyard to the pond, from where it flows into the river.

Rosa is famous in Chimgan for her traditional Kazakh cuisine - meals cooked from meat and dough, as well as diary products, such as butter, "kurt" (cheese balls), "ayran" (local yoghurt) and sour milk, which are produced from the milk from her own cows. Upon guests' request, the neighbors who breed horses can arrange for "kumys" - a lightly alcoholic drink which is prepared from horse milk.

It is possible to organize horse back riding excursions in the village and the surrounding mountains.

Would you like to find out more about the traditions of ethnic Kazakhs that have been living in this place since ancient times, their original culture and cuisine?