Zargaron Hotel

3, Haqiqat Str., Bukhara

Distance to:  City center: 1 km      Airport: 6 km    Train station: 15 km
Reference point: Architectural complex "Kalyan"

The Zargaron Hotel is located in the center of historic Bukhara, not far from the Poi Kalon ensemle. Zargaron is inspired by the ancient name of this area. Zargaron came from Persian language and means "the quarter occupied by jewelers", where prior to the 20thcentury Bukhara jewelers lived.

The marketplace consisted of a trade dome located in the same quarter. Zargaron Hotel is constructed in the architectural style of the inhabited buildings of Bukhara of the 19th century, and at the same time offers modern facilities with air conditioning, satellite TV, digital telephone, mini bar and bathrooms with toilets.

The restaurant, decorated in oriental style and featuring alabaster and wood carving, seats 36 guests. You can enjoy more than 50 international and local dishes cooked by our skillful chefs.

The terrace bar and three suite rooms with balconies and verandas have a spectacular view of the famous monuments. The small and peaceful courtyard of the hotel is arranged in Uzbek style and has a small garden with decorative plants. On the second floor of the restaurant is the open summer bar for 40 guests, from which a panoramic view of most of the city opens, and in the basement a winter bar is located.

Zargaron Hotel features 17 guest rooms, including four Single, ten Double and three Suites with private balcony, and can accommodate up to 30 guests.

There is a conference room with DVD and sound system facilities in the hotel for up to 20 guests.