Silk Road Group Tours

Just as tradesmen and sojourners of old banded together to traverse the Great Silk Road, Silk Road Group Tours will take you down this historical highway in a small caravan of fellow thrill-seekers. Not only do group tours cut back on cost, they also add camaraderie and fun to your Silk Road travel as together you explore deserted ruins, taste-test new foods and help one another to scavenge for souvenirs at the bazaars.

Our trips stretch from Tajikistan to Turkmenistan, Urumqi to Uzbekistan, so whether you choose an extended ‘5 Stans Tour’ or a more in-depth journey into two or three nations, Silk Road Group Tours will color your travels with authenticity, companionship and unique perspectives.

Silk Road Group Tour 2023-2024 Silk Road Group Tour 2023-2024
US$ 6,830 | Single supplement US$ 1470
29 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
Tour the best of the Silk Road and visit the best of eight countries as you cross thousands of kilometers, magnificent landscapes, and dozens of cities. The most comprehensive and best Silk Road tour we offer.