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Tajikistan private tour
I found the tour great especially my escort guide Behzod. Tajikistan private tour September 23-29, 2022.
I look forward to book further tours in Turkmenistan and if you can arrange for me tours for the Silk Road in China for me and my wife.
Dushanbe – hotel Atlas
Seven Lakes - Guesthouse
Pendjikent – hotel Panjikent Plaza
Iskandarkul - Guesthouse
Khujand – hotel Khujand Deluxe
Uzbekistan Private Muslim Tour
Assalamoalikum on behalf of myself and group, I want to thank u personally for the Vacation (16SEP-09OCT) planning a job well done, in Uzbekistan everything on schedule. SubhanAllah We had a great time, can’t expect better. This is an experience of a lifetime, we all arrived safely home. Mansoor Khan and his wife. New York, and myself and wife Palm beach Florida. Thanks again. MayAllah continue to bless you for the wonderful job you are doing.
Central Asia private tour
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan – Central Asia private tour, September 15 – October 10, 2022.

Aral Sea and Nukus:
Enlightening, visually compelling experience, despite long drives over poor tracks. Long two days driving, but it held our interest throughout. Two of the ladies were especially THRILLED to visit the Savitskiy Museum in Nukus. They even met the previous curator. The yurt experience was great.

Khorezm and Khiva:
An amazing walk through an amazing town. Visited all the sights at a perfect pace. Thorough and informative inspection of UNESCO sights.
Guide Ali - Knowledgeable. Well spoken. Very accommodating.
Hotel Orient Star - Great madrassah experience in Khiva. Excellent location right in the middle of everything (and for night photos).

I think we liked Bukhara even more than Khiva, the day before; it’s more “lived in”. Again, a walking tour with good pace and coverage. Very good* second day. Hard to compete with the first day, although each of the second day sights were all well worth visiting.
Guide Rustam - Knowledgeable. Well spoken. Personable. Very accommodating.
Hotel Komil - Another hotel with character and ambiance. Excellent location near the walkable sights.

After the wonders of Khiva and Bukhara it was a little harder to get engaged with Shakrisabz. But we’re very glad we went; it was worth the drive.

Awesome and Unbelievably amazing day. Best day yet. Great sights, great pacing. We didn’t feel rushed. Being able to see it at night also was a real gift.
Guide Dilshod - Enthusiastic, well-spoken, knowledgeable, personable, accommodating. Perceptive – quickly moved on when we were apparently less interested in something, and lingered when we were more interested.
Hotel Malika Prime – Excellent. The room was very nice, and the location was perfect (walked to night photos – thanks for the extra Gur Emir and Registan tickets, we got great night pictures).

It started off well with excellent visits to the Khazret-Imam complex, Chorsu Bazaar, and Applied Arts Museum. Then the rest of the tour was a quick drive around the city with fleeting partial glimpses of various sites. I ended up walking on my own from the hotel to Independence Square, and then to the Holy Assumption Cathedral so I could actually see them. And we never went by the Minor Mosque at all.
Guide Nusrat - He started off well, but after the Applied Arts Museum it’s as if he completely lost interest. He also had to sit down lots.
Hotel Bek - Good. Negative marks for the air conditioning not working in our room, and the internet being spotty. Positive marks for very accommodating staff, and walkable to signts.

Penjikent and Iskander kul:
There really wasn’t much of interest for us in Penjikent (e.g.the mosque was closed for repairs, and the museum was dilapidated) EXCEPT the amazing bazaar. We took our time walking through the bazaar. Then we had a really great drive into the mountains to picturesque Iskander kul. We sat by the lake and watched the sun set while we ate dinner, and then ate breakfast by the lake while the sun rose the next morning. Fabulous.
Adequate accommodations, in wonderful setting in Iskander-kul.

The guide took us to a few additional sights not on the program (mostly buildings or monuments). Dushanbe was a very pleasant big surprise. We could have probably spent a second day there just to wander around more. And the drive there was also really interesting.
Hotel Serena - Modern hotel. Great location for my usual night pictures habit.

A mixed day. There wasn’t much of interest to us in Istaravashn itself, except the great bazaar. The wander through the bazaar and the drive through the mountains and into the Fergana Valley were definitely the highlights.

Very good. Especially the Payshanba Bazaar. We finished the program well before noon, but relaxed with a small lunch at a tea room.
Hotel Khujand Delux - Staff disinterested. Internet was poor and inconsistent. AC was barely adequate. Breakfast was poor.
Tajikistan escort guide Bobochon and Omar - Everything nice I said about the Samarkand guide you could apply to the Tajikistan guide. He did a masterful job of answering our questions and providing relevant information, and/or moving along when there was less interest. When I come back to see the Pamir Highway I’d be thrilled to have the same guide.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
Excellent. Great drive through Kazak countryside to Otrar. Otrar was fabulous; it was amazing to walk around an obviously ongoing archeological dig. Turkistan was an excellent surprise, an eclectic mixture of old and new. The only thing that could have been better is if we would have been able to fly to Almaty direct from Turkistan.
Hotel Hampton by Hilton - Modern hotel. Great location for my usual night pictures habit.

Charyn Canyon, Lake Kolsai, Lake Kaindy:
The canyon walk was sunny and gorgeous.
Kolsai Lake was fabulous even in the rain.
Matched expectations for an out-of-the-way guesthouse and the food they provided far exceeded expectations.
The Lake Kaindy part was amazing, and I plan to add Karakol back onto my list when I return to Kyrgyzstan for some hiking, and maybe just relaxing at The Green Yard.

Awesome. Guest house full of personal touches. I could easily see coming back just to stay here for a few days. The guide took us to an amazing local place for dinner, and then the guesthouse provided an excellent breakfast in an awesome environment.

Good. Traffic delays coming from Bishkek limited our time, and there was a huge line-up at the gondola, so there were some things that were missed. However, we did see the things that were most important to us (Cathedral and bazaar, so we are all happy).
Hotel Novotel – Excellent. Modern hotel.

Full day in an amazing city full of monumental buildings.
Hotel Ramada - Modern hotel in great location.

Guide - more than awesome. I gave Dilshod (Samarkand) and Omar (Tajikistan) awesome reviews, but Aleksandr was even better! Great English skills, engaged, personable, knowledgeable, and always extremely helpful. The driver (Nikolai) was also the very best of a great selection of drivers so far.
UNESCO sights in Uzbekistan
Wish to Thank you for choosing these hotels in Uzbekistan. We had gone to see the Unesco site and Old Quran.
We were specially happy with the Food offered in Pub Klub and at the Ateca Hotel restaurant, excellent quality. Thank you for making that arrangements too. Yes we loved our visit and am sure that I will bring another group, maybe bigger next year early spring. Thank you for your fantastic efforts in making our trip so great. Look forward to meeting you next time.
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan private tour
Hello Sultan, it has been perfect! Wonderful hotels, lovely cities and exactly the right amount of time in them.
19-31 AUG: Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand - Shymkent – Turkestan – Almaty
Khiva: Hotel Malika Kheivak
Bukhara: Hotel Minzifa boutique
Samarkand: Hotel Malika Prime
Tashkent: Hotel Sharq
Shymkent: Hotel Aidana Plaza
Turkestan: Hotel Khanaka
• Train # 056 ticket Tashkent to Khiva, Luxe
• Train #056 ticket Khiva to Bukhara, Luxe
• Train #761 ticket Bukhara to Samarkand, economy
• Train #761 ticket Samarkand to Tashkent, economy
• Train #033 ticket Shymkent to Turkestan, 4 seats compartment
• Train #024 ticket Turkestan to Almaty, 4 seats compartment
Transfers in Uzbekistan
I returned home and thank you again for all your help getting me transported at short notice, and I hope to see your country again in the future!
Uzbekistan Private Tour from India
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank OREXCA and especially you for your continued support and arrangements made for making our trip a very memorable experience.

All assigned guides, Mr Timur, Mr Mansur, Mr Nusrat, including the drivers Mr Kudrat, Mr Hassan, Mr Doston were very helpful, friendly and understanding.

The guides were all exceptional and gave our tour a classic touch.

I would like to thank you for understanding our needs and accordingly providing the same.

Ms Natalia, thank you again for the spontaneous support throughout and would surely recommend it to our friends and family.
Tajikistan lakes and Uzbekista trains
First of all I want to thank you very much for delivering all our train tickets (Tashkent-Samarkand and Samarkand-Bukhara) and also for the two wonderful tours we made to 7 Lakes and Iskanderkul Lake in Tajikistan. It was perfectly organised and we adored every minute of our trips. Thank you again! We have had a wonderful time.
Uzbekistan Tour and Silk Road
We are back home, in Belgium. With this Message we, Martine and myself, would like to express our satisfaction about the organization and the follow up in the field, by you.
Guides and drivers were top. A big bravo for Anvar driver, what a Guy!!!
We had a very interesting and well-hidden tour in Tashkent.
The visit of the tree fortress of Khorezm and the stay in the Yurt camp was great, Fine Experience.
Tour in Khiva was well organized and our guide was good…
Fantastic day in Buchara with our guide Mansur.
The swim in the Aydarkul lake fantastic.
Accommodations in all places, top, with one little disappointment at the Fergana grand hotel, because dinner, was not possible due to a private party! The hotel in Samarkand, is rich in the middle of the town, which is very convenient.
Private tour of Uzbekistan
Thank you for the perfect organization. Thanks to the guides for the explanations, I learned a lot about the history of your country. I will definitely recommend my friends to visit your country. The hotels were all good with friendly staff. I also wish to thank the drivers and of course your organization who made this possible.