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Travel 29 April - 12 May 2023 in Uzbekistan
We're now back in Tashkent after an excellent trip. We really enjoyed ourselves and everything happened as planned. Thank you very much for arranging it all for us.
Uzbekistan Private Tour April 25 - May 5, 2023
Our wonderful Uzbekistan tour has come to end. We really had a lovely experience, thanks to your great planning. Everything went forward like clockwork. All the guides were knowledgeable and good. Thank you for this great experience.
Will definitely share my review on your Trip advisor page. And will also recommend your company to our friends. Many people are interested in visiting Uzbekistan.
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Local guides: Khiva - Alimardan, Bukhara - Gulchehra, Samarkand - Otabek, Tashkent - Marifat.
Hotels: Tashkent - Inspira-S, Khiva - Orient Star, Bukhara - Lyabi House, Samarkand - Gur Emir Palace.
Uzbekistan tailor made tour
Firstly, we had a great vacation and everything was well organized. All our pick-ups, drop-offs in different cities, guides etc. came on time. The train and hotel reservations were all there. I didnt have to call anyone to follow up - which is a relief because we didnt have a local sim. Additionally, we also didnt have to pay cash (since most places dont take credit cards and we wanted to keep the cash for local markets etc.). Everyone was friendly and nice. I also liked the fact that I had someone local assigned to me, so that I could text him whenever I had questions. His name was Sultan and he always responded promptly to my questions and tried to accommodate all my requests.

Secondly, Uzbekistan was a beautiful place. The history, architecture, culture were all amazing and as someone who has read about the silk route a lot, it was fascinating to see those places in person.

Our travel guide in Khiva, Ali, was very experienced. He was able to answer all our questions (since my husband is a history enthusiast). He not only took us around Khiva but also arranged food for us (like a picnic basket) for the train trip to Bukhara (Which was a great idea since there was no other way to get food on the train)

The train ride to Bukhara was better than I had hoped. It was a great idea to book the entire coupe for our family, since it gave us privacy and we already had only limited space for luggage.

Our guide in Bukhara, Gulchehra, was on time and friendly. She told us a lot of personal stories and kept our daughter engaged, which was very nice of her. She was not as knowledgeable as Ali and also preferred to sit with our daughter in most places, instead of accompanying us inside. Also in the local market, she didnt really help us negotiate prices when we were buying tea and spices. So while I would definitely recommend her for families traveling with children, she is not suited to accompany people who know a lot about history (and are interested in learning more).

Asal, our guide in Samarkand, was very friendly. She also had a very interesting way of explaining things - by asking questions, making us guess answers before she gives them. This made it interesting for my 10 yr old. She even took us to a couple of stores since we wanted to get some cosmetics that we couldnt find ourselves. She is very young and while she knows basic details, she was also not too knowledgeable about history. She was also very sweet with my daughter - so same recommendation as Gulchehra, great guide for families with kids but not for those interested in learning more.

Nusrat, our guide in Tashkent, was very experienced, knowledgeable and made the day very enjoyable for us. He often bought us local food items like bread, fruit to keep us going (and refused any money from us) and even took us to the post office so that Sahana, my daughter, could send post cards to her friends back home.
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Hotels: Khiva - Farovon, Bukhara - Mercure, Samarkand - DiliMah, Tashkent - Hyatt Regency.
Uzbekistan Customized 9 Days Tour
There is much to tell about the journey to and through Uzbekistan. First of all, my appreciation for the professional preparation, composition of the trip and the organization in the country itself. What was promised was fulfilled, the trip went smoothly. The drivers were on time and the guides were excellent. For such a trip, the cost was very reasonable.
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Local guides: Khiva - Alimardan, Bukhara - Gulchehra, Tashkent - Marifat.
Hotels: Khiva - Malika Kheivak, Bukhara - K.Komil boutique, Samarkand - Gur Emir Palace, Tashkent - Sharq.
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan private tour
We've made it home well since Saturday night, and I must say, we've had a really wonderful trip! Both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were really beautiful in their own way. Uzbekistan mainly for culture and architecture, Kyrgyzstan for nature. Everything went smoothly: we were always picked up nicely, our guides did a good job, the train journey in Uzbekistan was really pleasant, the driver in Kyrgyzstan a pleasant person, the food tasty (ate a lot of plov, haha) etc... We had no problems anywhere, experienced and met pleasant and friendly people, and saw many beautiful things.
Uzbeks are very warm and welcoming people
We had an awesome time in Tashkent with Marifat A. We are coming to the end of the tour. Our last guide In Bukhara, is Rustam Sh. and he did a really awesome job explaining the history and answering all our questions. We enjoyed him the most and if we have an opportunity to return, we will definitely would like to have him again. It is really unfortunate that we are not able to cover Khiva this trip!
Uzbeks are very warm and welcoming people. We truly enjoyed the trip and hope to have the opportunity to visit other parts of the country. Also Wishing you and your family Ramadan Mubarak! Thanks for everything, Sultan!
Uzbekistan tour feedback
Once again, thank you for the trip you have organized for us and for having followed up while we were in Uzbekistan last week. The following is my feedback.
The driver (Obid) and the guide (Marifat) were the best! Obid, despite not speaking English, was very helpful, always attentive to details and to our needs, punctual. Marifat is knowledgeable, sensible and attentive to the needs of the clients. She shared quiet a bit of information also on the overall local culture and not only on the history, which is what I was looking for. Her enthusiasm made a difference, we all loved her! The tour was fine, nothing in particular to remark. The hotel - which was not booked by you - was good, especially the staff (at the hotel and at the restaurant) was very professional, accommodating and pleasant (hotel Courtyard).
The driver (Naimov) and the guide (Asal) were good. Asal in particular gave us good information, structured the tour well, was able to trigger our curiosity asking to guess some details of what we were visiting. She also helped with organizing my daughter's birthday party, anticipating also the money for the birthday cake (a bit expensive, USD 25, but it was very good). We started late and finished early the second day, with quite a lot of time to kill in the afternoon. The hotel was ok, frankly speaking I would have expected something a bit better, especially considering that 3 of the 6 nights were not provided by your company but booked directly by us. The staff was helpful but there was only one of them who spoke English (hotel Ideal). The pillows were not comfortable. The restaurant suggested by Asal was fine.
Drive from Samarkand to Bukhara
I don't see why we drove (4 hours) instead of taking the train (2 hours). It was kind of interesting for me but boring for the family. The driver did not speak English, the stop at the ceramic was interesting but the day before the girls experienced making a vase at the village in Samarkand. The girls were excited about making the bread and cooking and this did not happen. When we arrived they did not seem to know who we were and what to do with us, I had to text you. It's a very nice family, it was interesting and we bought some stuff there however it was disappointing because of the bread making, etc. We arrived fairly early to the hotel and there was nobody to give us at least an initial overview of the city.
We did not interact much with the driver but he was helpful when dropping us off at the train station. There was a senior guide who came to the hotel (a bit late) in the morning, he introduced a younger one saying that he would reach us later, which he didn't. The guide was fine, knowledgeable but not particularly engaging. Considering that we arrived fairly early in the afternoon and that we had to go to the train station early afternoon the following day, I would have split the tour in two parts. We rushed in the morning, walked a lot (I had to push the guide to ensure that we would cover everything) and frankly speaking I am not sure if we saw everything properly. The hotel was cute and the staff very helpful and pleasant (hotel Grand Nodirbek).
Unfortunately the highlight of the day did not materialize, meaning that the cable car to the top of the mountain was not working. The view was negligible from where we arrived and there was nothing to do, nowhere to walk. The restaurant was nice. Again, the kindness and sympaty of Marifat made a difference and we were satisfied. If it was not for Marifat I would have been disappointed.
Reservation and support
Again, the difference between the original quote and the revised after staying half of the trip in an hotel booked directly by me was too little, especially considering the hotel in Samarkand where we stayed for 2 of the 3 nights. Natalia, you have been very professional, very responsive, adapted to the changing situation and kind in being ready to help us with the birthday and when my daughter was sick. All in all, I would definitely recommend Orexca. We had a good trip and good time, thanks to you and your staff. Thank you!
Khujand Day Tour from Tashkent
We all had an amazing trip... Thank you so much. The guide in Tajikistan was so cool... He knew the answers to all our questions... And I asked a lot! Would highly recommend this to all my friends.
Private city tours, Uzbekistan
Everything was as good as in my expectations in my city tours. A particular mention goes to the guides in Bukhara and Samarkand. If i will return to Uzbekistan i know who to contact. Best regards and thank you again for all your assistance.
Tashkent - guide Flora, Khiva - guide Аlimardan, Bukhara - guide Saodat, Samarkand - guide Farida.
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan travel services
Thanks for the very Quick reaction! On a scale from 0 to 10 my trip was 8,5 ! So for sure a very good memory! Thanks also to you! Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan 29SEP-15OCT, 2022 (Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Tashkent, Fergana).
• Train ticket Nur-Sultan to Almaty and Almaty to Tashkent
NurSultan: Hotel Duman Astana
Almaty: Hotel Resident City
Tashkent: Hotel Navruz
Fergana: Hotel Grand Fergana