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Uzbekistan Tour
We are back at our home with a really beautiful souvenir from Uzbekistan and I hope to visit this great land again! The organization was perfect!
Uzbekistan Tour
I really enjoyed my stay in Uzbekistan. I must thank all of your in, especially you Elena and Firdavz (driver).
After nine years, this time I found your country changed a lot (in a good way), but her culture still fascinating and people still warm-hearted and friendly.
During our travel, my friend and I took many photos and slides, more than 2000, and which need some time to scan into computer files. Once it's done, we will choose some to send to you. As to the new book we are working on, at first it will appear as a column in a magazine. I'll also send a copy to you if it gets printed.
There are some countries I keep going back, not only because those places are beautiful and people lovable, but I have made good friends there, therefore I feel connected to the land. I think that exactly the case with Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan Tour
Thank you so much about all what you do for me.For visa,for booking the hotel. I am happy because I am booking the hotel from the company because it respects the customer.
I sure when I come to Uzbekistan next time, I will use company. Thanks.
Trip to the Silk Road in Uzbekistan
In September, Ruth and I made a great trip to the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. It was a great adventure for us especially for me since I always wanted to retrace Marco Polo's travels. The cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand are real jewels and bring the stories of 1001 nights to life. The Mosques and Madrasassah's are wonders of Islamic architecture and rival the Taj Mahal in India.
Uzbekistan and Aral Sea Tour
We would like to say thank you that our travel in Uzbekistan was a fantastic journey. There were some thinks that I would like to comment:
Hotel Boutique Amelia in Bukhara is excellent hotel for location, staff, comfort, breakfast...
Homestay in Chimgan at Rosa Miralieva house was fantastic Rosa is an excellent cooker and all the family are very nice, and we stay there like in our house.
The visit to Aral Sea takes 10 hours from Nukus to Aral Sea and the 9 hours from Aral Sea to Moynak then Moynak to Nukus and then to Khiva, that makes a very long journey. In spite we enjoy, the night in the beach was very nice, Maybe is not necessarily go as far as we went. I think it's possible to stop at the beginning of the waters of the Aral Sea.
P.S. If we return to Central Asia, we no doubt to contact another time with
Uzbekistan Tour
Antonio and I have been very happy with the trip. We have liked a lot of Uzbekistan. Maybe the less tourist area is Fergana but interesting. The city that but I have liked it is Bukhara, is a very welcoming city and their very kind people.
We have been very satisfied of the guides and the one that less we have liked it has been that of Khiva. Mohamed (Bukhara) and Valentina and Larisa (Samarkanda) especially. Bukhara and Samarkanda have become trained very well. Firat (driver) he is a great professional. It is very pleasant and competent.
If some friends ask us for the trip to Uzbekistan, I won't have doubt in putting them in contact with
Uzbekistan Tour
We spent a very good time in Uzbekistan with! Everything was very good, the country is beautiful and the people is nice. For my husband and for me, is the best trip than we have ever done.
Uzbekistan Visa
My experience with was exceptional. The entire time I was in Uzbekistan I felt that I had the support I needed to travel and do all the things I wanted to do. They made sure I had the level of service I wanted with accommodations, tour guides and amount of free time to just wander around by myself. The best part was having contact information so if something did go wrong there was someone local to assist me.
I did have a problem with my visa, no fault of, and they helped me work through it with the office of foreign affairs something I never could have done without them. They saved my trip and I had a great time. I love you!
Uzbekistan and Tajikistan Tour
I came to Uzbekistan in May 2006, as an independent tourist. Having studied the history of Central Asia and the Uzbek language in college at the University of Chicago, I was confident that I would be able to find my way around Uzbekistan on my own. After successfully navigating my way from Tashkent through Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm, and Karakalpakistan, I found myself back in Tashkent with too much time on my hands. Eager to escape the busy pace and dirty skies of the big city, I arranged a trip to the mountain village of Khumsan through I must say, from the majesty and grandeur of the Registan to the excitement of entering Tajikistan quasi-legally to visit the Sogdian ruins of Pendjikent, nothing compared with the hospitality the people of Khumsan showered on me.
When I arrived in Khumsan, I was warmly welcomed into the Akramov's house and a delicious, warm meal was immediately served with fresh, still-warm-the-goat milk and locally-produced wine. Best of all was washing my food down with crystal clear water from the family's stream. Later that night I visited another family in Khumsan and was treated to a delectable stir-fry of mushrooms and potatoes served with home-made ketchup and more wine. My hosts were so gracious that even after delivering an abbreviated toast in my broken, heavily accented Uzbek, they heaped praise on my "sweet poetry". I remember ending my night by chewing on wild, mountain rhubarb and gazing at a sky abundant with stars I had long forgotten.
My final day in Khumsan, I took a horse-back trip through a gorge in the mountains. I remember at the beginning of the journey, still at the bottom of the gorge, looking up into the heights and seeing little houses, perched among the cliffs. The great joy of the trip was visiting these homes. At every single one, a family waited with tea and food, ready to serve us. What a joy it is to sit with friends, drinking mint-flavored tea and listening to the gentle trickle of waterfalls!
I plan to visit Uzbekistan again, and when I do, I will coordinate my whole trip through and I will insist on visiting all of the villages where they have contacts. I didn't have any trouble independently planning a fulfilling trip to Uzbekistan, but after my visit to Khumsan, I am convinced that I missed many of Uzbekistan's true gems. Next time I will trust the experts of to help guide me to the biggest adventures and friendliest families of Uzbekistan.
Tour de Uzbekistán
He realizado mi segunda visita a Uzbekistan despues de 5 anos de haber Ido por primera vez, y he decidido tomar los servicios de para las regiones de Fergana y el turismo rural. Ha sido una experiencia muy enriquecedora el concocer la vida de Uzbekistan mas de cerac, en casas de familias Uzbekas y Tajikas, sus tradiciones, sus comidas, cultura, etc.
Probar la hospitalidad del Asia central, conocer la vida cotidiana, que ha complementado enormemente la visita a este pais, encontrando muy interesante, fuera de las rutas turisticas de monumentos y ciudades, los pueblos y vida rural de esta nacion. Recomiendo ampliamente a los Visitants y turistas que vengan a Uzbekistan, de pasear por el valle de Fergana y Los pequenos pueblos cerca de Tashkent, ya que veran y sentiran el pais mas de cerca, y comprenderan mas facilmente su cultura. Creo que es una gran iniciativa de la compania, la de desarrollar este turismo alternative y diferente. Realmente he disfrutado al maximo los dias que estuve en Khumsan y Birchimulla, asi como los pasados en Marguilan hospedado en las casas de familia. Sin ninguna duda cuando regrese a Uzbekistan para una 3ra visita, volvere a estos sitios.