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Uzbekistan Tour
I would like to say thank you for your organization: Our guide, Caterina, was really good and she speaks a very good Italian, all the hotels you suggested were exactly what I was looking for, and the food also very good!
The only problem we had was with Samarkand Plaza, a very good hotel, but they had problem with air conditioning and mostly of us could not sleep during the 2 nights! Thank you also for delaying flight on arrival: you saved our tour!
Uzbekistan short tour
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and excellent service you provided. Furkat was a very good guide and a good driver, very recommended.
Uzbekistan and Aral Sea Tour
Everything O.K. and according with descriptions of tour. Hotels perfect. Driver was a good professional. I would appreciate if driver speaks in English but doesn't a really matter.
Guides: mostly good professionals specially Nina in Samarkand, Oktoyber in Aral Sea.
I recommend to everyone who wants to visit Uzbekistan.
Hotel booking
I will be leaving for Delhi tomorrow. I just want to thank you for your assistance in booking my hotel. I will inform you whenever I plan to come next.
My special thanks to Leo who was helpful to direct me to you.
Say my Hi to all. Take care & regards.
Uzbekistan Tour
I would like to thank all of you for the amazing holiday I had in Uzbekistan, your team professional and the service royal. Looking forward to my next visit in winter.
Once again special thanks for Nigora, and Samarqand assistant Marina & Izat the driver.
Hotel booking
Thank you very much for your help in this reservation. The Gulnara Guesthouse was great, the service at the airport was perfect and the taxi was excellent - even though our plane was delayed by nearly 2 hours, everything went very smoothly.
If my friends want to visit Central Asia, I will tell them how good is!
Thanks again for your help.
Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Tour
The hotels were really good, especially in Uzbekistan and the Amelia Boutique is Bukhara was for me the most pleasant one.
The Ak Altyn hotel in Ashgabad is ok, but the staff is unfriendly. I would suggest another hotel for the next time.
Anyway, thanks again for all and the drivers and guides were very helpful and nice.
Central Asia Uzbekistan Tour
Normally I am a lone traveler, and have explored most of Central Asia already, but Uzbekistan presented many different issues, so came to you for help. You and your company have provided excellent services and made a great holiday possible and ensured that the flow was completely smooth. Some points deserve special mention:

Firstly, Mr. Amal. You provided a great itinerary, and accepted all the changes that I gave you, with my travel partner (s) changing and dates moving almost on a daily basis, in a very professional, as well as easy going manner. Thank you for the itinerary the planning, the visa, and all that went with it, and for making ALL the transfers, meeting, greeting, tours and hotels very smooth. Despite the fact that I made my own arrangements in Tashkent as I was able to use a hotel promotion that you could not compete with, you easily integrated this into the plan.

Mr. Izzat, the driver in Tashkent. He greeted my partner who arrived a couple of days before me and looked after her way beyond anything that I could have expected or have paid for. He acted way above what could have been expected from a professional point of view or of a driver. Please pass on my thanks. All the way through he was early for each collection, looked after us through the doors of every destination, advised where to go in free time, and provided great support. I have hired many drivers throughout the world in my professional and personal travels, and have never met one as professional, easy going, or considerate. I have great shame that I could not raise any cash at the end in Tashkent, due to the banking system there to 'tip' him, may I send something to you to pass along?

Samarkand, Both the driver, and the guide as well as the hotel were great. They professionally showed us around, with the agenda, and adjusted easily to our needs, and looked after us well, despite it being very cold, making great urgency to get through the places to see. The great pity is that we did not have enough time there due to our plans to really take it all in.

Bukhara, Regrettably, I cannot remember the name of the guide! But from the collection from the station, to dropping us off 2 days later, she completely looked after us, took us to where we wanted to go throughout. We had an issue with onward travel plans and adjusted easily to helping us with this for however long it took, being completely flexible, and enormously helpful, whilst keeping great sense of humor. Again, this is far beyond anything that we could have asked for from a guide. Please pass along again our thanks.

The trains were great, and well organized by yourself. It has been a long time since I took a long train ride, and it was fun. We managed an 'upgrade' to get sleep on the way back, and had some fun journeys, that would not have happened if we took car transfer, or even the flight back from Bukhara.

The entire trip was excellent value for money, and completely well organized. I would probably have paid a little more for higher hotels, but it was all pretty good.

I will use your service again should we return to Uzbekistan in the future, there is more to see, and more time is needed than we had available in this trip. However, it will be in the summer! I will of course recommend you wherever I can. Thank you again for providing a great, well organized, and reasonably priced holiday!
Uzbekistan Tour
After some weeks to "digest" the wonderful places we have visited in Uzbekistan, we'd like to thank you for your assistance during our trip. Please forward our warmest thanks to Hakim, Nina, Mastura, Evguenia, Timur and the other excellent guides you selected for us.
Uzbekistan and Ayaz Qala Tour
We were very pleased with our trip to Uzbekistan and your services were excellent: everything was Ok, we had a wonderful guide from Nukus to Ayaz Qala and the hotels in Khiva and Samarkand were perfect.