Historical and Cultural Tourism

From ancient castles to gleaming cities to bizarre cave towns, there is a lot to discover in Georgia, “The Country of Life”. Your tour will be packed with ancient churches and monasteries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, castles, watchtowers and unique, intangible treasures of folk songs and dances as you follow the historical evolution of this fascinating country.

Visit Dmanisi Archaeological Site, which reveals the extraordinary record of Georgia’s earliest settlements. Accompany Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece and discover the secrets and wealth of the famous Colchis Kingdom in present-day Imereti in Western Georgia. Uncover the ancient lifestyle, pagan beliefs and prejudices in the cave town Uplistsikhe, dating back to the late Bronze Age. Learn about Christianity and its impact on the cultural life of the country by visiting an array of medieval churches and monasteries including Nekresi (4th century), Anchiskhati Basilica (6th century), Jvari (7th century) and Gelati Monastery (11th century).

The abundance of museums, art galleries, theatres and concert halls in Tbilisi and other big cities will flavor your trip with excitement. Fill your evenings and weekends with the splendor of traditional Georgian song and dance. The vibrant and cosmopolitan capital with its Old City Quarters, remote and highly traditional mountainous villages Juta and Ushguli and fortified villages of Shatili and Mutso add mystery to your trip, while warm hospitality and delectable food and wine will fill your travels with memories to last a lifetime.