Sheki Tours

Sheki Tours take you to one of Azerbaijan’s top destinations, an enchanting town of natural and manmade beauty, diverse architecture and delightful foods. One of the oldest cities in the Caucasus, Sheki is known for its still-functioning Sheki Caravanserai and “Come-and-See” Gelersen-Gerersen Fortress, which continues to taunt any who underestimate its strength. The city is heir to a long tradition of craftsmanship prominently displayed through Sheki Khans’ Palace and the workshops of gifted artisans offered within its walls. Be it cultural, historical or nature tourism, chances are it can be found on Sheki Tours!

Sheki City Tour Sheki City Tour
1 Day | All year round | Sheki Khans’ Palace, Sheki Historical Museum, Shebeki Workshop, Teze Bazaar, Sheki Caravanserai, Gelersen-Gerersen Fortress, Kish Village, Church of Kish
The Sheki City Tour is filled with the colors of Sheki Khans’ Palace, Teke Bazaar and the stained-glass Shebeki Workshop, the mystique of Gelersen-Gerersen Fortress and Sheki Caravanserai, and the charm of Kish Village. Crawl through castle ruins, explore royal quarters and relax in an authentic caravanserai on this diverse day tour.
Azerbaijan UNESCO Heritage Sites Tour Azerbaijan UNESCO Heritage Sites Tour
5 Days | All year round | Baku, Shamakhi, Sheki, Kish
On the Azerbaijan UNESCO Heritage Sites Tour you can wander the petroglyphs of Gobustan, climb Baku’s mysterious Maiden Tower, sit among kings in Sheki Khans’ Palace, discover religious roots at Juma Mosque and Ateshgah Fire Temple and visit other historical items of interest.
Silk Road in Azerbaijan Tour Silk Road in Azerbaijan Tour
7 Days | March-October | Baku, Shamakhi, Lahic, Sheki, Kish, Ganja, Nakhchivan
The Silk Road in Azerbaijan Tour is a discovery of caravanserais in Baku and Sheki, palaces in Nakhchivan, bathhouses in Ganja and mosques and temples in Shamakhi and Absheron. Experience village hospitality and the sights, aromas and tastes of enduring Silk Road traditions along the way.
Colors of Azerbaijan Tour Colors of Azerbaijan Tour
8 Days | March-October | Baku, Quba, Khinalig Village, Nakhchivan, Shamakhi, Lahic, Sheki, Kish
The Colors of Azerbaijan Tour with brighten your vacation with diverse activities that include carpet weaving workshops, lunch with a local family, exploring castles and caravanserais, deciphering petroglyphs, marveling at mud volcanoes and touring an ancient mosque, synagogue, church and temple.