Nakhchivan region

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While traveling along the mountain ridge in the Nakhchivan Republic, we admire the wonderful nature and historical sites; and even drop in to villages hidden in the valleys below. The cities of this land differ from the rest of the country in their historical and artistic values, cozy side streets, squares and imitable hospitality.

People have lived here from ancient times; a road network existed 2,000 years ago. An abundance of excavated sites is evidence of this. Ruins of old cities, maintained mausoleums, caravanserais and other monuments, as well as coins found in these places are proof of the antique history of this land. The Capital of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is the city of Nakhchievan, one of the most ancient cities in the Near East. In the 12th century, a new direction in architecture, which art specialists would later call the Nakhchievan Architectural School, had developed in Nakhchievan. One of the greatest representatives of this school is the famous architect Ajami ibn Abu Bakr Nakhchivani. Two of his masterpieces have been maintained to the present. These are the mausoleum of Yusuf Ibn Kuseir (1162) and mausoleum of Moininakhalun (1186).

The fortress of Alinja was one of the most powerful defensive structures of its time, and was built on the top of a steep mountain with almost sheer cliffs near Julfa. Strong stone walls passed in several lines from the foot of the mountain. Interconnected canals carved into the slopes gathered rain and snow and filled covered basins with water. The fortress was inaccessible to any enemy.

At a height of 2,424 m above sea level among alpine meadows, sits the beautiful Batabat Lake. This is one of the most picturesque corners of Nakhchievan Republic. Local places have absorbed all beauty and charm of the surrounding environment. The artificial lake, which was created near Gazanchi village at 1,500m, is also the jewel of this territory.

At 1,400 m in the Shahbuz district, not far from the spring of the well-known Badamli mineral water brand, a Resort of the same name was built.