Bukhara Caravanserai, Baku

Bukhara Caravanserai in Baku, located in Icheri Sheher in the heart of Azerbaijan’s capital, is an alluring monument of the past where the memory of travelers from bygone days remains vibrant and palpable.

Caravanserais sprang up along the Great Silk Road as accommodation for organized bands of traveler-merchants. Traditionally, caravanserais had guestrooms, trading quarters, stalls for animals and spaces designated for recreation and discussion of business deals. The caravanserai was not just a market, but a mini world of trade and a reflection of the ancient culture of the East. Today, the study of caravanserai history has provided a plethora of information on the traditions and history of the region, including Azerbaijan.

Construction of Bukhara Caravanserai dates back to the 15th century. It was a small and rectangular one-story building with 18 vaulted rooms and a courtyard, in the center of which was a reservoir. On the inside, the Silk Road caravanserai was surrounded by a gallery that ran along the perimeter near the guestrooms. A second floor was added in later years.

Bukhara Caravanserai was primarily used by traders from Central Asia and India. It is speculated that the predominant traders among its continuous stream of visitors were merchants from Bukhara in modern-day Uzbekistan, thus explaining its name.

Strolling through the courtyard and gallery of Bukhara Caravanserai in Baku, visitors today will appreciate the beauty, elegance and detailed symmetry of the building. Vaulted arches in the gallery, carved balcony partitions and an open square courtyard all testify to the detailed and exquisite design of its architects.

Bukhara Caravanserai is located across from Multani Caravanserai in Old City Baku.  Come sense the unique atmosphere of the medieval East as you explore the depths of Azerbaijan's intriguing past!