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Uzbekistan Tour + Tajikistan hiking
It was our pleasure; we had a thoroughly great time and would definitely like to visit again. Tolmas, our driver from Khiva to Samarkand was fabulous and exceedingly helpful. He most certainly added to the enjoyment and ease of the trip.
The guides in each city were most professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The lady in Samarkand was very helpful and ensured we experienced the best of the available food delights in the market. The young man Bekhruz in Bukhara was very professional, friendly and clearly loved his city giving us a full history of the turbulent events of Bukhara yet not sending us to sleep. We had an enjoyable lunch with him and wish him all the best in his future studies.
We enjoyed the hiking in Tajikistan and the guide and translator were experienced and worked very hard to ensure we were happy and comfortable.
Visit Uzbekistan
We have just returned to the UK and I thought it would be better to e-mail you than fill in your questionnaire. We had a fantastic visit and I cannot thank you enough for organizing this for us. Here are our opinions on each aspect.
Drivers: Apart from our tour of Tashkent we had Sergei for the whole trip. He was very good. We did find the road journeys the worst part of our holiday as they are long, and roads are sometimes poor.
Khiva: The transfers were perfect, and our guide Jamal was excellent. The Khiva Madrassa hotel was in a good location, but rooms were not good. We would not stay at the hotel again.
Bukhara: The Omar Khayaam hotel was fantastic! This was in the perfect location and the rooms were brilliant. Komil was an excellent guide.
Samarkand: The Sherdor hotel was great and Nina our guide fantastic. The only problem was with Sherdor Hills Resort. The resort was not open, so we had no hot water and we had to cook our own food. The staff at Sherdor did offer for us to stay another night there but we really wanted to stay in the mountains. Perhaps the Sherdor should have told you this before so you could have let us know.
Tashkent: We think the Poytaht was a great hotel in best location. Our guide was good and the food at the hotel very good too.
Our whole itinerary worked perfectly. I would like to thank you and Ksenia for all your work in arranging our visit.
If I have clients wanting to visit Uzbekistan or Central Asia, I will always come to you. Thank you once again for a wonderful visit.
Uzbekistan perfect trip
Thank you so much for setting up a perfect trip for us. People here are curious and interested in what we have seen in Uzbekistan. I will work on my photos this weekend and show them to my friends. Hopefully can attract someone to Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan very friendly
After some days with our friends in Bishkek and some more business travelling we are now back to work. I am looking through my photos and remember the well planned and organized trip. In particular I remember Uzbekistan and its citizens as very friendly and helpful. Lovely gardens and parks! And very clean! It was also a nice idea that you came to meet us and gave us the opportunity to visit the subway of Tashkent. Thanks again for the good work you did!
Uzbekistan historical tour
I will start again with song "It was fascination I know ...", because so we saw and see Uzbekistan! Many thanks for professional organization and for extremely kind and skillful guides (Ms. Olga & others) and driver. All they tolerate with great patience when I was photographing though I know that my passion could be very annoying for others. They even drawled my attention to best viewpoints! I "made" about 3.500 photos. That means that I will need at least one month for selection. And then Branka and me will maybe be able to answer who is number one: Registan or Shah-i-Zinda and on many other questions.
We wish you all the best, Mubarak, or as Spanish people say Mucha suerte. Maybe we will come back, Insh'Allah!
Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan Tour
We are back home in Milano and wanted to thank you: everything went well! As a feedback to your organization, I will only state the following: The trip was very good, guides and drivers were always in time and competent. Hotel were very good in Turkmenistan, a bit poor in Uzbekistan but overall, no problem at all.
Thanks for all the care and attention you gave us we really appreciated your professionalism and care. I would like to be back in Central Asia soon to visit Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Tajikistan let’s keep in touch.
Uzbekistan classic tour
The tours were very interesting, and all the guides were on time and good as was the driver. The food in the hotels was fine and I have no complaints with any hotel.
Tashkent was a little hotter than I thought it would be and I think summer was coming early. The wind in Termez was incredible one night. Only one issue I had was with the AC in hotel Uzbekistan.
The weather over all was great and it did not rain one day. The subway stations in Tashkent were very interesting and not crowded. For a USA person the taxis were cheap and the subway cheap.
Bukhara was probably my favorite city. The last trip I took to Chimgan turned out to be better than I expected and a change from all the mosques and mausoleums of Samarkand and Khiva. It was a great trip and I would recommend your company to anyone.
Thanks Jim
Uzbekistan tour
Thanks for organizing an amazing trip for our family to Uzbekistan. Your country is beautiful and more importantly, the people are the kindest that I have ever met in all my travels. Many tourists that I met during our trip had the same sentiments.
Uzbekistan historical tour
Our trip went very well, and we were happy with all aspects of it. Uzbekistan is a fascinating country, in its history, its exquisite historical buildings and its impressive modern urban architecture! Our Driver Rustam was always most helpful; we ran into no difficulties in Uzbekistan. Thank you again for arranging our trip so efficiently, and for your concern for us while we were in the country. We treasure the memories of each day that we spent there.
If you ever need a recommendation from me for any reason, I would be happy to provide one. With best wishes for a successful tourist season this year.
Uzbekistan tour
The itinerary and tours you organized for us could not have been better. It would be impossible to choose which was best.
From our first encounter in Tashkent (where we were guided through the maze of customs in the most efficient manner -ever!), the Fergana Valley (the textiles and ceramics the most beautiful, ANYWHERE) to Nukus, where the incomparable Oktober Dospanov (guide) made the ancients come alive. Each destination and excursion held great delight.
In Khiva, the old city was a joy and the hotel Malika Khiva (being just outside the gate) made the time there satisfying and magical.
I was glad we had chosen to visit later in the season as the crowds were not REALLY crowds just busy; busy enough to show that Uzbekistan is indeed a world destination. I feel privileged to have been in your good hands for our trip.
It was ALL good! We cannot thank you enough for your care and guidance arranging and watching out for us en route, I was truly delighted by your call regarding the timing of our final day in Tashkent. I understood that your skill and care was exceptional but your concern for our comfort and enjoyment gave us more than we could ask, so thank you, thank you, thank you. We appreciated your kind hospitality in all you did for us.