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Uzbekistan historical tour
We arrived safely in Italy and we are back to work, so we miss Uzbekistan even more. We really enjoyed the country, which surprised us with its monuments, landscapes, and the warmth of the people we met. We want to thank you so much for the organization you provided us, you really gave us a nice overview of each city, also because most of the guides we met were really professional and friendly. We loved to spend our time with Kamila (it was like wandering around with a good friend), Oktober (he is really passionate about his job, so his stories are very involving) and Timur (even if I didn't follow his suggestion to drink a whole glass of vodka to cure my stomachache!): give them our best greetings. The cemetery and the museum seen in Nukus are really worth the trip. We were at a loss for words when visiting Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, and probably this is the best order: beginning with the small cities you get slowly used to the madrassas and the mosques, but in the end Samarkand surprises you with its massive ancient buildings. We really enjoyed our holyday and we would suggest our friends to contact you. Next time we decide to travel in that area we'll write you for sure, and we are eager to taste some Italian dish cooked by you! In exchange if you want we can try to prepare a plov for you... Talking of food, the restaurant you booked in Samarkand was really delicious, and we had so much fun with the marriage ceremony. To thank you we want to give you some fun too, so in attachment you can find a picture of us with a new smelly friend. Thank you again for everything, we wish you all the best!
Uzbekistan tour - wonderful time, superb cities
First of all, we would like to thank you so much for arranging our exceptional good program. We had a wonderful time, enjoyed it all, the countryside, the walks, the sightseeing in those superb cities, the food and the people. A great thanks and compliment go to our driver Sukhrob. He is a very pleasant and well-mannered person, speaks very good English and is quick to attend to any situation! We felt safe and comfortable during all these days and long drives. All the guides were very well informed and spoke excellent English. Quite an accomplishment considering all they have to know about the country and its history. It was clear that they are all very proud of their country. Accommodations in general were very good. Samarkand: very nice and in a good location. Good service and good breakfast. The only things which might be improved: a blanket per bed in each room! - insolation of the water pump as it was terribly noisy in the back rooms (Caravan Serail Hotel). Bukhara: great location and could be a jewel. Rooms are fine and built in safe is perfect. Poor breakfast. Entire hotel seemed to be run by 2 young boys, who tried their best, while director was being absent or playing cards (Orom Hotel). Guesthouse Sentyab village: very nice and cooking excellent. Khiva was pleasant and good service (Arkanchi Hotel). Thanks for arranging a private hotel for us in Nukus , this was great to be the only guest in the new premises (Jipek Joly Hotel). Coordination of driver and guides was excellent, all pickups went very well. As you can see, we fully enjoyed our vacation. Have already recommended Uzbekistan to our friends and am sure, some might ask for your services.
Uzbekistan historical tour
Let me say at once how very grateful I am to you and all the team at OrexCA for the trouble you took to provide me with one of the most memorable and pleasurable, informative, uplifting spells of travel in my life. It was all a carefree delight. I was most impressed by your efficiency and dependability at all stages of the visit. Please pass on my warmest thanks and appreciation to all concerned, but especially to the magnificent Akbar. What nice people you all are. I shall be posting my comments on the TripAdvisor site as soon as I have time, but I will let you know once this has been done. I recommend OrexCA to my acquaintances. With renewed thanks and every good wish.
Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Tour
I would like to thank you once again for the perfect organization of our tour in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Everything was o.k. and the four of us we were very happy to have used OrexCA for our trip. Best wishes for the whole staff of the agency. In connection with this, based on our very favorable experience, we are interested in a trip next year to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan - best time for the trip, proposed itinerary etc.
Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan Tour
I had a wonderful time in Turkmenistan and enjoyed every minute of it. Everything was well organized, and the knowledge of my tour-guide left me speechless. The people were flexible to change the trip on suggestions and spontaneous wishes from my part. Thank you very much for your help and I wish you all the best for the future. As I had such a good time in Usbekistan and now in Turkmenistan.... I probably keep on going to visit the area. Perhaps we will hear from each other again -)
Silk Road Uzbekistan tour
Uzbekistan Airline - safe, clean, very good service on board. I will hardly recommend it to my friends. Cars and drivers’ services very good, all the time they care a lot for everything. Hotels services check in and check out just good but almost I choose them and was under my own risk. Just in Samarkand was the worst not the atmosphere (I loved it) they don't care the toilette amenities and the shower doesn't works but I preferred to stay there, no more comments. Tour guide, Muzaffar, was EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL, when I met him at airport I felt lite be disappointed because he's too young and intermediately compare the same situation in China, but few hours later he started to explain me historical and cultural matters of your country and also was amazing his kind support during whole trip. Please give to him my congratulations and wish him lot of success in his profession and life. The dinner of my birthday!!! traditional food, ancient atmosphere in the Silk Road Restaurant, sparkling wine, cake with candles!!! Please let me know how you can plan and do such amazing surprise to your guest??? I'm very glad to you and Muzaffar.
Tashkent city tour
Just a short note to say thank you for your professional support during my short stay in Tashkent. I think you did a wonderful job and will surely use your services during my next trip to your fascinating country. In the meantime, keep up the positive sentiment and the smiles )
Uzbekistan tour from Japan
We are now safely back to Japan. The trip was truly great, your plan was perfect…! We want to thank you, Driver Bahtiyar and all the guides. Hope to visit Uzbekistan and see you again.
Uzbekistan tour, Canadian girls
The girls and I would like to thank you once again for putting together a very thorough and interesting trip. We had a great time and will be looking forward to returning to Uzbekistan for a longer time in the future. There were a few things we thought should be highlighted as they stood out particularly to us and we wanted you to be aware. Firstly, while both tour guides were very good, the one in Samarkand “Hurshid Narimov” was particularly excellent and we had an amazing day with him. He had a great sense of humor, was very knowledgeable, and even went above and beyond to treat us to a small gift for Women's Day. This was totally unexpected, and it really was something special. The same is true of our driver in Bukhara and Samarkand. He was friendly, extremely safe, and also treated us for Women's Day. There were also a couple suggestions for future trips which we wanted to bring to light. One is that the hotel in Tashkent (Grand Orzu Hotel) on our last night was not very comfortable. Also, we would have liked to know how important it was to keep the hotel receipts (registration paper) for the border crossing back to Kyrgyzstan. Otherwise, all in all it was a great trip and the hotels in Bukhara and Samarkand (Porso & Royal Palace) were wonderful. Hopefully this feedback will be helpful to you in the future and we look forward many more trips throughout Central Asia.
Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan Tour
I would like to thank you again for the great tour through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan you prepared for me. I can strongly recommend your travel agency, very efficient and serious. I will keep great pictures and souvenirs of this beautiful part of Silk road... once again thank you for all.