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Uzbekistan Tours
A quick note to let you know that all went very well with the trip and that we absolutely LOVED our Usbekistan experience! The train travel was a wonderful experience and we absolutely loved the hotel in Bukhara (Komil). The choice Arkanchi in Khiva, too, was nice.
Thank you for your help in organizing everything. We've already told various friends about the journey and I may well point further contacts in your direction going forward!
Uzbekistan Tours and Penjikent tour
Guide was knowledgeable and driver was good. I enjoyed the museum. Food at restaurant was excellent. It was good to see Tajikistan but I might add few more things to the day trip. Guide was telling me how some beautiful lakes are just a short drive. I would add a lake visit to the day trip, by leaving hour earlier for pick up. Mountains were quite beautiful.
I have very much enjoyed my trip to Uzbekistan. History, people and culture are amazing and I am glad the UZBEKISTAN government has opened up the country. Nice to see locals getting jobs and making your economy better.
Wonderful day yesterday. Thanks very kindly. Guide Vazira was excellent and she spoke good English. Learned a lot of information about Bukhara and saw amazing architecture.
Not sure if tour companies give feedback to government tourism board but I would suggest the government implement a day pass for all the sites in Bukhara and Samarkand. It’s quite difficult to constantly pay for each historical location. Give foreigners one price say $25 USD to visit everything in Bukhara and same price in Samarkand. Each pass is valid for three days. Thanks again for everything.
Chimgan and Charvak Day Tour, Avenue Park Hotel
Thank you for arranging our trip to Chimgan and Avenue Park hotel. We really enjoyed it, as we did the whole of our holiday in Uzbekistan. Thanks for all your help.
Uzbekistan Tours, Fergana Valley and Termez
It's been a few weeks I came back to Japan. I had wonderful trip in Uzbekistan with your tours. So I'd like to send feedback about the tour.
・Tashkent sightseeing tour: The guide Sasha is so energetic and well-studied about the history there and the archaeological sites. I really enjoyed the stories he told me. And the lunch was at nice local place. The driver was so nice, I enjoyed to be with him though we couldn't understand by speaking.
・Two days trip to Fergana valley: The drives was good he stopped at proper toilet and nice restaurant though he didn't speak English well. The Japanese speaking guide Alisher, he was so great, gentle and well-escort, and explanation with local curator at the museum was wonderful. Because of the Japanese speaking guide, I could communicate well with the driver. The hotel Grand Fergana was great.
・Two days tour in Termez: The guide Rayhon was so energetic and had so many information about history, archaeological sites and museum. And the driver was also nice. And more, the restaurants we had lunch there were perfect cosy local places. I am so satisfied with them.
Train Tickets in Uzbekistan
We collected our tickets from the Hotel Islambek and we have now returned home. We had a wonderful stay in Uzbekistan and I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting the train tickets. The little strips of paper telling us the train and seat details in English were very welcome - the tickets themselves looked quite bewildering!
Train Tickets in Uzbekistan
Its been a month since we travelled to your country. We are very thankful for your services because it allowed us to travel between the cities in a very quick and comfortable way. We discovered a beautiful country with wonderful cities and even more wonderful people: we specially like the security, the respect, the kindness, the honesty...
It was a very nice experience. We saw that you offer trips to the Caucasus and some day we would like to be able to travel there, I repeat: Thank so much from Galicia (Spain).
Train Tickets in Uzbekistan
I’m very pleased to see the tickets are now in place, as these were the final part of our upcoming holiday which we had outstanding. We now can look forward to our trip, including the train travel, in confidence all things are in place. Thanks too for the additional information you’ve forwarded about arrival at Tashkent, and other Travellers Tips. This is very much appreciated!
Your assistance throughout our recent communications about these train tickets has been extremely helpful, informative, and very professional. I’d be pleased to recommend you to friends or other travelers for holidays in Uzbekistan.
Tashkent to Samarkand and Bukhara train tickets
This is just a quick note to thank you for your help getting the train tickets for my recent trip, and your advice on the day that I picked them up. I had a great trip to Uzbekistan which you were a large factor for. I will happily recommend you to anyone from the UK who wants help organising things - please feel free to let me know if there is any particular website on which you would like me to post a positive review of you and your company.
All the best
Uzbekistan Train Tour
I'm back to Japan yesterday. Thank you for the great trip in Uzbekistan. In the train, I watched a magnificent landscape from the window. The seat I sat was great!! And, everywhere I met a good guide and driver, plus I stayed a great hotels (Ichon Qala in Tashkent, Omar Khayyam in Bukhara and Grand Samarkand Superior).
I'm so happy to traveled such a wonderful country.
Train Tickets
We are now back home and I just wanted to thank you for arranging our taxi and train tickets, and responding to my additional requests so quickly and efficiently. I particularly appreciated your thoughtfulness in attaching to our train tickets the details of our carriage/seat numbers in English.