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Yurt trip
Thank you for help with organizing the yurt trip. Almost everything was as agreed. My friends really enjoyed it. Wish you good luck!
Uzbekistan tour
Eine sehr schöne, gut organisierte Reise! Wir werden sehr gern wieder bei Ihnen eine Reise durch Usbekistan buchen! Unsere Bekannten in Usbekistan haben uns das Reisebüro empfohlen. Schon vorher hatten wir ein gutes Gefühl während wir unsere Reise mit Natascha Revina von geplant haben. Wir hatten einige Sonderwünsche, die aber alle geduldig entgegen genommen und sehr gut umgesetzt wurden. Auch während unserer Reise stand Natascha jederzeit als Ansprechpartnerin zur Verfügung.
Uzbekistan great tour
Thought I would share a few pictures of our tour of Uzbekistan that included some of our guides and our driver. We had a great tour and your staff was very friendly and accommodating. Thank you again for all your help and please pass along our thanks to all your staff, guides, and drivers.
Uzbekistan historical tour
This is to say Thank you for all the Wonderful service from all your people and the warm reception that we had from Uzbek People all over at Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand. We enjoyed our stay and learned a lot about the customs, Monuments, Culture, and lifestyles. It was my dream to see all these places that we have been reading about in our history books, specially Bukhara and Samarkand. It was a revelation to know about the Romance of Farhod and Shirin took place here, as we have been hearing about these legendary stories. Highlights of the Tour: - Dinner at Registan Restaurant at Samarkand. Great Food, Hospitable Hostess, both the mother and daughter. - Experience at Hammam at Bukhara. Just took me back to 17th Century. - Timur's Mausoleum. We cud feel that the Humayun's Tomb in Delhi was Inspired by this architecture. - All the Beautiful People, it was as if God has created all the best looking people at Uzbek only, it is not that we Indians are not good looking but the beauty was in abundance. - Cleanliness on the Roads. Thanks again for everything.
Central Asia Tour: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
I am back home with sweet memories of my travel. Tour was well arranged. NO problem throughout. All vehicles are in very good condition and comfortable. Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand arrangements are fine and satisfactory and comfortable. All guides at Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand were very knowledgeable, cooperative and helpful, polite with good understanding. I think in Tashkent you should have given more time instead of only ONE day and that too on arrival day. Tajikistan was OK because I had few hours, but I am satisfied. Kyrgyzstan trip was good, but you allocated long stay, it should have been reduced by a day or two. Almaty was also short stay for just one day, there you should have given 2 or 3 days and many suggested to visit Astana, which was missed. Driver and Guide in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are extremely helpful, nice, cooperative, and caring. It was nicely arranged travel. I wish to visit Armenia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia in future, if you arrange it. Thank YOU for all your e-mail replies to my queries, though very busy which I could see personally.
Transport service
It was a pleasure having your drive us around Uzbekistan, and we liked your company, we found you to be (Mirza driver): - Very proficient in driving; - Safe driver who follows all road rules; - Calm and cool headed in every situation; - Respectful and well-behaved with customers; - Very punctual and always on-time; - Steady driver even on bad roads; - Someone who takes pride in your profession. May you always be happy and successful in live.
Uzbekistan private tour
Absolutely amazing. These are indeed cities with history and full of stories. Complete civilizations built with the fine embroidery-like quality of human labor in its greatest and most splendid form; every brick is a piece of art; each mosaic is a brush stroke, a stitch; and every moment here, a thread in this weave. It is dazzling. If places took my breath away, people’s warmth has made me commit to my own rebirth and resurgence, like a mythical bird that transforms itself to live with new plenitude. No wonder it is in its National crest. Thank you, Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan Tour
I would like to say thank you for your organization: Our guide, Caterina, was really good and she speaks a very good Italian, all the hotels you suggested were exactly what I was looking for, and the food also very good! The only problem we had was with Samarkand Plaza, a very good hotel, but they had problem with air conditioning and mostly of us could not sleep during the 2 nights! Thank you also for delaying flight on arrival: you saved our tour!
Uzbekistan short tour
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and excellent service you provided. Furkat was a very good guide and a good driver, very recommended.
Uzbekistan and Aral Sea Tour
Everything O.K. and according with descriptions of tour. Hotels perfect. Driver was a good professional. I would appreciate if driver speaks in English but doesn't a really matter. Guides: mostly good professionals specially Nina in Samarkand, Oktoyber in Aral Sea. I recommend to everyone who wants to visit Uzbekistan.