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Hiking tour: Snow white Ala-Too Mountains
1 Day | Bishkek, National Nature Park "Ala-Archa", "Ratzek Hut" and "Alplager"
Tour to Kyrgyzstan. Historical tourism in Kyrgyzstan with
Ala-Archa Canyon Day Trek
1 Day | Ala-Archa National Park
The Ala-Archa Canyon Day Trek will take you into the heart of Ala-Archa National Park in the Western Tian Shan Mountains, where you’ll spend the day hiking among its forests, picnicking in the fresh mountain air and admiring such attractions as Broken Heart boulder, Ak Sai Waterfall and Tepshi Plateau. This tour package allows you to choose the length and difficulty level of your hike, in addition to providing transportation to and from your Bishkek hotel.
Rafting Tour in Chon-Kemin Valley
1 Day | Chon-Kemin Valley, Chon-Kemin River, Chu River
The Rafting Tour in Chon-Kemin Valley is an exhilarating ride on a lively branch of the Chu River that runs through one Kyrgyzstan’s most scenic valleys. This tour package is a great choice for small groups of travelers looking for a fun alternative to traditional sightseeing and hiking – the perfect outlet for physical activity under the guidance of a skilled instructor, a chance to see Kyrgyzstan nature from a unique angle and to create special memories along the way.
Konorchek Canyon Day Hike from Bishkek
1 Day | Boom Gorge, Eolian Castles
The Konorchek Canyon Day Hike is your ticket to an unforgettable expedition in the Grand Canyon of Kyrgyzstan. A guide will lead you through this seemingly endless ravine in the Tian Shan Mountains, famous for its red rock formations, a once trepidatious passageway known as the Gorge of Evil Spirits (Boom Gorge) and the Eolian Castles, cliffs that naturally resemble ruddy fortresses due to ages of soil and wind erosion.
Issyk Ata and Chunkurchak 2-Day Tour
2 Days | Issyk Ata Gorge, Chunkurchak Gorge
Follow a trekking route over northern Kyrgyzstan’s Tian Shan Mountains into a beautiful alpine valley and you’ll reach Issyk Ata Gorge, famed for its alpine waterfall and natural mineral hot springs. Valued for generations for their healing properties, today these hot springs are swirling in legends and dwarfed by a Soviet-era sanatorium that appears as frozen in time as the frosty landscape surrounding it. Nearby Chunkurchak Gorge, resplendently covered in forest belts and alpine meadows, provides time travel to a different era in the form of an ethno-yurt camp situated among the canyon’s silent ridges.
Horse Riding Tour from Bishkek
2 Days | Burana Tower, Chon Kemin, Kegety Gorge and Lake
The Kyrgyzstan on Horseback Tour is a two-day equestrian expedition through Chon-Kemin Valley and Kegety Gorge, which are among the nation’s most popular destinations for horseback riding. You’ll spend hours passing through mountain meadows and untouched enclaves before arriving at the sapphire Kol-Tor Lake. Included in this unforgettable trek is a visit to Burana Tower, one of Kyrgyzstan’s most acclaimed landmarks, plus an overnight stay in a Kyrgyz mountain village and meals throughout the full duration of the tour.
Lake Issyk-Kul Classic Tour
2 Days | Issyk-Kul, Cholpon-Ata, Burana Tower, Museum of Petroglyphs, Issyk-Kul State Museum, Rukh Ordo Cultural Center
Lake Issyk-Kul Tour is the perfect way to explore the historical side of Kyrgyzstan in a scenic mountain locale. This trip, beginning in Bishkek, takes you for an overnight stay near the beautiful Lake Issyk-Kul and includes visits to Burana Tower Complex, Issyk-Kul State Historical and Cultural Museum, Petroglyphs Open Air Museum and a spiritual and cultural complex known as Rukh Ordo.
Nomads and Nature of Kyrgyzstan Tour
3 Days | Bishkek – Kochkor – Song Kul Lake – Konorchek Canyon
Overnight in Kochkor Village and a mountain yurt camp, learning traditional ways of life through felt carpet weaving, horseback riding and sharing meals and stories with local residents. Along the way, you’ll get to experience three diverse Kyrgyzstan landmarks - stunning Song Kul Lake, historic Burana Tower and the red rock Konorchek Canyon.
Best of Kyrgyzstan Tour
5 Days | Bishkek, Burana, Issyk-Kul, Karakol, Jeti Oguz, Tamga, Skazka, Kochkor
The Best of Kyrgyzstan Tour is a 5-day jaunt packed with heavenly landscapes and unforgettable cultural experiences. From yurt camps at mountainous Tamga to a village homestay in Kochkor, a tour of modern Bishkek to traditional craft demonstrations, you’ll experience the full range of Kyrgyzstan lifestyles surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery.
Colors of Kyrgyzstan Discovery Tour
7 Days | Bishkek, Burana Tower, Kochkor, Song Kul, Skazka Canyon, Tamga, Jety Oguz, Karakol, Issyk-Kul, Cholpon-Ata
The Colors of Kyrgyzstan Discovery Tour is a weeklong tapestry of fun adventures and unforgettable memories. Whether basking in the charm of the mountain enclaves of Tamga Village at Song Kul Lake and Cholpon-Ata in Lake Issyk-Kul, reveling in the history of Burana Tower and downtown Bishkek or enhancing your appreciation of Kyrgyz culture through carpet weaving lessons and yurt camping, this tour is a wonderful introduction to colorful Kyrgyzstan.
Hiking tour: Trekking along the Kyrgyz range (Issyk-Ata gorge - Alamedin gorge - Ala-Archa gorge
10 Days | Bishkek, Issyk-Ata gorge, moraine of Pervomaisky glacier, Pervomaisky pass, Altyn-Tor glacier etc.
Trekking along the Kyrgyz range (Issyk-Ata gorge - Alamedin gorge - Ala-Archa gorge)
Hiking tour 6: Trekking to the valley of alpine lakes
10 Days | Bishkek, Tamga village, Balykchi, Barskaun gorge etc.
Trekking to the valley of alpine lakes
Horse riding tour 3: Toguz-Bulak - Ton pass - Tosor pass
11 Days | Bishkek, Tamga village, Toguz-Bulak river, Ashuu-Tor gorge etc.
Toguz-Bulak - Ton pass - Tosor pass
In Terskei Ala Too
11 Days | Bishkek, Karakol, Djety Oguz, Telety pass, Karakol gorge, Ala Kol Lake, Ala Kol pass, Arashan gorge, Cholpon Ata town
A trekking tour in Terskei Ala Too mountain range is a wonderful combination of landscapes and romantics of adventures… There are impressions and emotions that one remembers forever.
Horse riding tour 2: Kichi-Naryn river - Burkan river - Arabel valley
13 Days | Bishkek, Tamga gorge, Kara-Suu, Uchemchek River etc.
Kichi-Naryn river - Burkan river - Arabel valley
Hiking tour: Along the Western Tien Shan to Sary-Chelek Lake
14 Days | Bishkek, Ala-Archa gorge, Talas, Sary-Chelek Lake etc.
Along the Western Tien Shan to Sary-Chelek Lake
Biking tour: Cycling tours in Kyrgyzstan. Mountain biking tours in Kyrgyzstan. Biking adventures in
14 Days | Bishkek, Tamga village, Tosor-gorge, Naryn etc.
Biking in Kyrgyzstan. Cycling tours in Kyrgyzstan. Mountain biking tour in Kyrgyzstan
Hiking tour: Trekking along the Kyrgyz range (Kegety gorge, Shamsi gorge, Kyzyl-Suu gorge, canyo
14 Days | Bishkek, Turquoise lake, Ashu-Ter pass, Shamsi gorge etc.
Trekking along the Kyrgyz range (Kegety gorge, Shamsi gorge, Kyzyl-Suu gorge, canyon of Kongorchok)
Hiking tour: To the upper reaches of the Inylchek Glacier
14 Days | Bishkek, Karakol, Tjuz pass, Merzbacher Lake etc.
To the upper reaches of the Inylchek Glacier
Asian Patagonia
14 Days | Bishkek, Batken, Uzgurush village, Buldzhuma pass, Dzhalgychy pass, Ortochashma gorge, Kara Suu gorge, Kosh Moinok pass, Ak Tubek pass, Ak-Suu gorge, Uryam pass
If you book the trekking tour “Asian Patagonia” (trek along the gorges of Turkestan mountain range to peak Ak-Suu) you can use the services of our fixed tent camps all along the route.
Hiking tour: Journey to the Canyons of Terskey Ala-Too
15 Days | Bishkek, Karakol, Ala-Kul Lake, Dzety-Oguz gorge etc.
Journey to the most Beautiful Canyons of the "Terskey Ala-Too"