Shopping in Kyrgyzstan

Souvenir shop in Bishkek

Osh and Alamedin bazaars are both popular for food and handicrafts. The Art Gallery sells paintings and traditional Kyrgyz products (particularly popular are embroidered Kyrgyz felt hats [kalpak], felt carpets and chess sets with traditional Kyrgyz figures). Some souvenir shopping also can be done in TSUM (city center just across the main post office).

TSUM is the biggest supermarket in Bishkek land offers everything from toiletries to new electronics. Souvenirs are located on the fourth level (some negotiation is expected). Beta Stores is on Chui Av. / Isanova Str. intersection iand Europa supermarket (Pravda Str. / Toktogula : Str., 5 minutes walk from TSUM) also have souvenirs but they can be overpriced.

128, Chui Av.
Tel.: (+996 312) 21 24 05
Kyrgyz souvenirs, crafts, rugs etc.

202, Chui Av. (Osh market, Kiyal factory)
Tel.: (+996 312) 24 28 78, 65 14 42, 64 01 80
Kyrgyz souvenirs, crafts, rugs etc.

36-2, Togoloka Moldo St. / Chui Av.intersection
Tel.: (+996 312) 21 26 53
Ceramics, wood and metal Kyrgyz national souvenirs, rugs, etc.

Art Gallery
57, Manas Prospect / Kievskaya St.,intersection
Tel.: (+996 312) 62 27 91
Paintings of Kyrgyz artists, pottery, souvenirs.

13, Molodaya Gvardia Av.
Paintings, sculptures, ruds, carpets.

Chui Av., "Iibirs" industrial complex building ground floor.
Tel.: (+996 312) 66 13 02
Felt items, chiy, ceramics, wooden items, paintings, leather, pottery, antiques.

Saimaluu-Tash Art Gallery
Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm
78, Pushkina St., Ala-Too Square
Tel.: (+996 312) 62 04 13
Felt items, pottery, ceramics, chiy, paintings. Big variety of souvenirs dedicated to the Saimaluu-Tash rock paintings gallery.

Astral De Luxe
10am-7pm in summer, 10:00-18:00 year-round
140, Chui Prospect.
Tel.: (+996 312) 21 18 16
Kyrgyz national souvenirs, wooden items, pottery, ceramics, paintings, leather, embroidered items.

9am-9pm in sammer, 9 am-8pm year-round
136, Chui Prospect
Tel./fax: (+996 312) 66 57 10
Big variety of woolen and silky carpets (hand made only). Silver, wooden and felt items, pottery, chiy, antiques.